Virtual Offices: Keys to the Success of Any Startup

Upon starting a business, many people begin working from their residential address. Those who don’t have a secretary end up missing calls because they’re out meeting with potential customers. The problem is mainly financial; they have not reached the point … Continue reading

How to Create and Maintain a Distraction-Free Workday

Sometimes, it seems as though workplaces have been designed to break our focus. Even when you’re “snowed under” with work, most employees are still likely to check their emails and social media accounts or to spend time day dreaming about … Continue reading

How Can a Co-Working Space Enhance My Start-up?

Start-ups and entrepreneurs are frequently looking for tools to make their business more innovative, efficient, and profitable. Co-working environments are one, often very reasonably priced way, to either grow a company from scratch or to strengthen an organization already in … Continue reading

Best Places to Hold a Lunch Meeting in Toronto

The Business Lunch: meant to solidify a business deal through some great food in a first-class atmosphere. Whether the meal is with an employer, investor, or client, picking the right venue is invaluable – it reflects the importance of the … Continue reading

Brand Building for Professional Services Firms

For your professional service firm, top-notch branding is crucial. Without branding, your services will have minimal audience, and ultimately, your business has much less chance of succeeding without quality leads and a fruitful, growing sales funnel. Branding, however, is not … Continue reading

Flexible Office Space Presents You as a Desirable Employer to Many

Competing for the limited number of qualified U.S. job candidates is a crucial problem for employers; offering flexible office space can help a growing firm position itself as employer of choice. Job candidates have more choice in 2017. Not only … Continue reading

How to: Efficiently Take Notes on Meetings

Meetings are about learning, and a crucial element of learning is retention. To retain all the valuable advice and information presented at a meeting, you must take notes, either long hand or digitally. Doing this efficiently requires listening skills that … Continue reading

Is it Time for My Start-up to Hire Managers?

Entrepreneurs set out on their own for two primary reasons – they have an idea, and /or they are not happy working for anyone else. During the recent U.S. recession, a third catalyst – layoff from a job and failure … Continue reading

Make a Great Impression by Moving Your Operations from the Basement to a “Real Office”

There can be many benefits to running a business out of your home, but there are also a number of downsides that can impact your productivity and income. One of the many complaints that freelancers or small business owners have … Continue reading

Want to Run an Effective Business Meeting? Follow These 4 Tips!

So you need to have a meeting? You’re probably imagining the glazed look in your team members or coworkers eyes right now. Or even worse, the impatient glances at the clock as everyone wonders whether the meeting was productive or … Continue reading