Digital Behaviours Are Changing The Way We Work

Technology in the workplace used to mean a computer, copier, and fax machine. The rapid adoption of digital and mobile technologies, however, have changed the way we work. Employees are now constantly online thanks to the smartphone in their pockets, … Continue reading

The Agile Office: Flexibility Equals Productivity

Your office is likely a mix of people, personalities, and work styles. For years, we have forced people to work in the same office setups: desks, or cube farms, for employees, offices for managers, and conference rooms with signup sheets. … Continue reading

The 5 Keys to Creating an Agile Workplace

Traditional workplaces can be terribly inefficient. People are often burrowed into their offices or cube farms in a way that prevents collaboration. Since they have their own home base, they rarely venture out, even when they should. A SalesForce study … Continue reading

6 Reasons a Virtual Office Works For Your Business

Running a small business is hard work. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to take care of all those day-to-day administrative tasks that free up your time to focus on the big picture? Virtual office services can … Continue reading

How Freelancers Can Leverage Shared Workspaces Into Income Opportunities

Office cubicles can be dull. Working from home can leave people feeling isolated or juggling constant distractions that get in the way, especially if you live with family or roommates. Many freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs find a rented shared … Continue reading

Co-working Helps You Build a Robust and Diverse Business Network

Networking is a crucial part of the business world. It lets you expand your business’s reach and visibility while creating long standing partnerships that will serve you for years. A collaborative environment like in an Agile office offers an amazing, … Continue reading

Etiquette for Entrepreneurs That Share Office Space

Building Bridges With Fellow Co-Workers Have you ever been in an office trying and failing to mind your own business? There are a lots of potential distractions: the co-worker across the room makes a sales pitch to a client, then … Continue reading

How Executive Office Rentals Help Entrepreneurs Scale Their Business

One of the largest obstacles small business owners have to navigate is finding a work environment that suits their needs without emptying their bank accounts. Rented offices or co-working spaces solve that issue, providing entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses … Continue reading

Virtual Offices: Keys to the Success of Any Startup

Upon starting a business, many people begin working from their residential address. Those who don’t have a secretary end up missing calls because they’re out meeting with potential customers. The problem is mainly financial; they have not reached the point … Continue reading

How to Create and Maintain a Distraction-Free Workday

Sometimes, it seems as though workplaces have been designed to break our focus. Even when you’re “snowed under” with work, most employees are still likely to check their emails and social media accounts or to spend time day dreaming about … Continue reading