Top 10 Tips To Rent First Office Space

Every company needs office space, but not every company needs to buy that space permanently. Office rentals can provide you with flexibility and save you some money. If you plan to rent office space for the first time, consider these tips first.

1: Choose a Centralized Location

Consider the location of everybody who would need to regularly use the rented office space and select and area that allows for a relatively easy commute for everybody. This reduces the risk of transportation issues interfering with your work day.

2: Keep to Your Budget

When you first consider how to rent office space, come up with a budget for that space. Metropolitan areas such as Toronto offer a wide range of prices and amenities, so you should have the freedom to stick to your budget while shopping for a rental.

3: Keep Utilities in Mind

One of the greatest benefits of renting office space is that things like cleaning services and utilities are usually included in the rent. Make sure that this is true of the space you choose. By examining your contract carefully and asking questions, you can avoid having to pay unexpected additional fees for things you thought were included.

4: Determine Responsibility for Repairs

If something in your rented office space breaks down, who makes repairs? If the employee in the office space is at fault, does the landlord still cover the costs? These details may impact your office budget, so make sure you understand them clearly.

5: Match the Space to Your Needs

If you don’t need a private office, rent a desk space instead. If you can handle sharing a workstation with somebody else who rents on your off-hours, take advantage of that. Whenever possible, match the space to your needs and make sure you aren’t paying extra for things you won’t use.

6: Think About Growth

In a best-case scenario, you rent office space and everything works out fantastically. In that case, you may wish to add employees to the rented office. Think about the possibility of expansion ahead of time so you are prepared for this eventuality.

7: Choose the Right Length for the Lease

Most places that allow you to rent office space in Toronto offer a variety of different length options for their leases. Often, you can choose to rent by the day, week, or month. Choose the length of lease that fits your needs and no longer.

8: Check Tech Options

Do you need a printer? Fax machine? Laminator? Some of these items might be included in your office rental, but some won’t be. Know what supplies you will need to bring yourself.

9: Update Business Cards

When you enter into a formal agreement to use office space, update your business cards with your new phone number, fax number, and address as applicable. Also look into ways to forward your existing phone line.

10: Think About Networking Opportunities

Rented office space offers the chance to network with other people using adjacent workstations. Think about how networking with these businesses might be able to help you.

The tips above should give you the chance to choose the right office space and get settled in quickly. With so much flexibility offered by office rentals, this can provide you with some valuable guidance.

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