4 Reasons Why Remote Workers Are Happier

In recent years, companies and businesses in and around Toronto have been moving away from keeping a conventional staff on-site and moving toward a workforce that is primarily dominated by employees who work remote. Which may mean getting away from the conventional office setting and opting for a remote worksite, such as rented room, or shared co-working spaces.

There are a variety of different reasons why remote work has gained in popularity. First and foremost, remote work helps save companies a lot of money. Employers spend less on providing office space, supplies, surging rental fees, expensive parking spots and other utilities/amenities.

Employees themselves are happier with the change too. In fact, nearly all employees who have the ability to work remotely report more satisfaction with their jobs and work. Here’s why:

Why People Who Work Remotely Have More Job Satisfaction

  1. Better flexibility and location

The most important benefit of working remotely is the ability to create a flexible schedule for oneself. Everyone has a variety of needs and tasks pulling at their time, and these days, structured 9-to-5 schedules just aren’t cutting it. The ability to create a personalized schedule and fit everything in is what current employees are looking for. Another benefit of a co working space is that they are usually always located in a desirable location, close to transit and extremely accessible. This not only comes in handy for your employees, your clients will love it too.

  1. Fewer distractions while also providing an opportunity to meet new people

Contrary to what you may think, working remotely or at co-working space allows for fewer distractions. Working on-site means being in the throes of everything, every day. Small-talk with other co-workers, random interruptions, and impromptu meetings all take time away from the tasks at-hand. Working remotely allows individuals to concentrate in more private, quiet, and undisturbed spaces of their choosing. On the flipside, working in a remote office or a co-working space allows for the possibility of meeting new people, building upon ideas, and help gain a new perspective when it comes to your worklife.

  1. Better job performance

When workers are happier in their work environment, they’ll naturally perform better. Essentially, it’s easier and more fun for workers to create their own schedules and get their work done on their own time. Many remote offices/co-working spaces that are accessible 24/7. This naturally spurs them to be more helpful, flexible, hard-working, and friendly as employees.

As a business owner, this is important to know. Happier, better performing employees will only make your company more efficient, effective, and profitable.

  1. Less desire to change employers

Lastly, people like the idea of working remotely, or within a co-working space and they’ll stick with you if you offer this option. Gone are the days of the same old office

By providing remote work as an option to your employees, you’ll be able to attract the best talent in your industry. No more recruiting new staff every single year. No more time spent rehiring and retraining. You’ll have the best — and you’ll keep the best.

Many companies now operate on an almost complete remote basis — and to great success. Still, as a business owner, you may occasionally require a space where you can meet with remote workers either in person or virtually. If this is a need you’ve run into, you can always rent a room in Toronto within a co-working space at Agile office.

Toronto office spaces are very affordable and the locations are ideal: directly downtown.
Rent one office, a large co-working space, or simply adopt a virtual office to put a professional face on your business. Either way, know that you’re making a wise and prudent decision by renting office space and employing a remote staff as you work to grow and improve your company.

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