5 Creative Ways to Get the Most Out of a Rented Meeting Room

Using rented meeting rooms if you travel for business can be problematic, especially if you don’t plan ahead. However, there are several ways you can make any space your own if you are a bit creative. The goal is to turn any meeting space into an area that is conducive to excellent communication. Here are some tips to help.

Make the Space as Comfortable as Possible

With rented space, comfort can still be had. Ask the rental company for padded chairs if you anticipate a long meeting. You can also offer coffee or bottles of water, and small snacks to help people stay focused and awake. Lighting can be harsh in some offices, so finding a way to soften it can also help. Finally, make sure the temperature of the room is moderate and ask participants if they are comfortable when they arrive.

Move Around

Meetings consist of sitting in a chair at a desk or table without moving around. Even if the information is crucial, sometimes people doze off. You can help stave this off with small food offerings and by having people get up and move around. One technique is moving part of the meeting to another space in the room to look at something on the wall while standing. You can also create station throughout the room to offer a chance to get out of chairs.

Meet in a Unique Setting

You don’t have to meet in hotels or board meeting rooms every time. Instead, select an art museum or library to change the setting. Most cities have numerous locations that can offer a space for a small meeting. Ask city residents for suggestions.

Start on Time and End Early

No one loves to sit in meetings, and you can make everyone happy if you start on time and end early. Ending early allows some people extra recreation time, a break or a chance to go home early. Starting on time rewards everyone who arrived on time and puts latecomers on notice to get there on time for the next meeting.

Give Attendees Something to Do

Create small tasks for attendees to break up the meeting a bit. These can be short quiz questions to answer, physical tasks or even short videos to break up your talk. Giving people a chance to focus on something different will help keep them interested.

Create a Project-Based Event

As part of or all of the meeting, you can create a project, giving attendees something tangible to take home. You can break up the group into smaller teams to work together, which also offers them time to network with each other. A project will also help break up the monotony of the meeting and sitting still for the entire time.

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