6 ways to create better work environment

People spend a great deal of time at their workplaces. As such, it is essential that the environment in which they’re working is pleasant. You don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money to improve the work environment. Here are six easy ways to do it:

1) Replace chairs with exercise balls

The use of exercise balls as office chairs has become increasingly popular in the past decade. Experts may be divided over its potential health benefits, but many employees find that replacing their chair with a ball changes their working environment for the better. Not only can you bounce on the chair in frustration if you are having a dilemma, but being able to bounce may also stimulate your thought processes and ideas. Physical benefits of exercise balls could include the ability to stretch at your desk and exercise on the spot.

2) Feng Shui

Feng Shui – that is just for the home right? Wrong! Did you know that offices can also benefit from feng shui, whether that is individual rooms, cubicles or even an open plan area? Your workplace should always be conducive to productivity and creativity, and this can be aided with a simple boost of feng shui. One easy tip involves decorating the space with indoor plants. Not only do plants brighten the place up, but they have also been proven to improve air quality and remove toxins from the environment. Research the internet for other simple feng shui tips to perk up your employees.

3) Get sustainable

Using recycled paper, switching to solar or wind power, reducing carbon footprint and cutting back on office waste are ways to help conserve the planet. No matter how big or small the company, we can all do things to help the environment and improve your working world as a result. Going green will not only boost the company image, but your employees will also benefit from the satisfaction that they are making a positive difference every day.

4) Make safety a priority

Safety issues in home offices are often overlooked because business owners are so focused on other things. But electrical devices like printers and computers all give off heat, so those items need room to vent. “If you have a printer or server that’s doing a lot of work, make sure it’s not heating up paper right next to it,” says Rice. “And make sure equipment is supported the way it’s supposed to be so you’re not stacking on boxes or putting a two-foot laser printer on a one foot shelf.” Also use a surge protector with one long extension cord instead of “daisy chaining,” plugging an extension cord into another extension cord.

5) Lighting

Studies suggest that natural light increases human productivity and reduces fatigue and stress. By simply replacing your antiquated fluorescent tubes with full-spectrum tubes, you can instantly enhance your environment and your well-being! Full spectrum lighting emits a natural, balanced spectrum of light that is the closest you can get to sunlight indoors. Based on years of study not only do they bring out true, vibrant colors but they can also ease eye fatigue, improve your mood, reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels, slow aging of the retina and reduce glare.

6) Improve morale

Whether it is seasonal parties, contests with prizes, or social outings for weekends, improve morale by getting people out of the office and into an environment where they can be more comfortable to be themselves.

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