Experience the “Agile Edge”

The main strategy behind Agile Offices is to design, from the ground up, an optimal balance between walled, cubicle, and open desk Co-working space, which has never been done before in the GTA in a traditional A class building. By effectively combining these different structures under one roof, we will be giving the customer something they prize very highly. CHOICES and OPTIONS.

We believe the office user of the future will seek to maximize the one common element that every developing technology offers them and that is; More choices! So much so that choice will come to be seen as an entitlement and those that cannot offer it sufficiently will be left behind.

This idea of choice as an entitlement will pervade everything we do at Agile Offices. We seek to offer the most options in pricing, in rental terms and conditions, in the services we offer and how we offer them. Ideally, everything the Business Centre of tomorrow can offer. This will separate us from the pack and provide the sustainable competitive advantage that will ensure our long term success.

We believe that customers choose Agile Offices based on the following key differentiators:

  1. Our method of integrating Co-working with the traditional walled office business centre model.
  2. Our focus on choice as an entitlement to our customers
  3. Our Mission Statement
  • The integration of Co-Working space – Thus far, most Business Centres have reacted to the rise of Co-Working by throwing a couple cubicles or open tables into the mix. At Agile Offices, we realize that the key to unlocking Co-Working benefits lies not in the space itself but in the development of a community. We focus our efforts on developing this sense of community and camaraderie within our business centre.
  • Choice as an entitlement – We named our company “Agile” because we are dedicated to reacting to the needs and wants of our customers in a quick and effective manner. There is not a request we won’t consider. Our goal is not to tell the customer what they should have, but instead; listen, discuss, and consider each particular situation and act as a guide to help the customer develop their own space solution.
  • Our Mission Statement – Unlike other business centres, our Mission Statement is not the mundane “be the best business centre in the industry”. It is aptly “To Ensure The Maximum Success Of Our Customers”. This leads us far beyond just excellence in executing business centre procedures. It leads us into a partnership with each and every client, whereby we draw upon innovation and strategic thinking which adds real value to our clients beyond simple workspace solutions.

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