Balancing Work and Private Lives While Travelling for Work


As a travelling consultant, you have a difficult task before you.

Most of your “office” time is spent at home or in hotels. Whether that is typing a report as you stay out into the urban area of wherever you’re visiting or squeezing work hours between taking kids to school, the balancing act of work life and home life becomes a challenge with so much change in scenery and pace.

Often, those working from home find that the line between work and personal lives is blurred (if non-existent). You need to find a way to separate the two so that you can enjoy coming back home after travelling, but remain productive while working.

4 Essential Tips for Creating More Balance

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Lisa Kanarek, the author of Working Naked: A Guide to the Bare Essentials of Home Office Life, highly suggests eliminating home-life distractions. Distractions are what make it impossible to complete reports, contact clients, and more.

So, separate the two by creating a work mindset. That means no trips to the kitchen, no television, and only business phone calls. Treating your day as if you’re always on the road can be a good way to consistently segue into road or home life.

  1. Know When Work Time Ends

The caveat to working from home is that work life often spills into private life. Set your hours and be firm about it. While you are a travelling consultant, which means your hours can vary, set a limit to at least give yourself the comfort of downtime regardless of where you may be.

  1. Create or Find a Designated Workspace

You need a designated workspace. The dining room table will not suffice when you’re not in transit. Instead, you need a space where you work and only work. When you have a designated workspace, you can keep all your consulting materials in one spot, step into “work mode” easier, and separate home life.

After all, when you have travelled for a few days (or weeks), you want to enjoy coming home; not feel like you are coming back to a place of work.

For some consultants, it is easier to rent a workspace so that they can have more separation and balance.

Rent a Workspace from Agile Offices

Making a dedicated workspace is easy for a travelling consultant when you have Agile Offices.

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