Benefits of Open Co-working Spaces: The Working Hole

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Open co-working spaces operate like watering holes for professionals working in various industries. In a co-working space the main drawing point- or the water, if you will- is the increased productivity due to a variety of factors.

First and foremost, it must be noted that humans are social creatures. As you can imagine, an isolated workplace environment can become demotivating for some individuals. Co-working spaces motivate in interesting ways regular offices do not.

In an environment of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals, workplace competition becomes a myth. There is no stress from workplace politics between individuals that are not in the same field. What this environment does is that it allows for open self-expression and congenial social interaction. When a workplace environment allows for self-expression, work becomes more aligned with our internal values, desires, and social personalities. As a consequence, the work we do becomes more enjoyable, and we get to evade the worker-alienation dilemma presented by Karl Marx.

While competition is non-existent, networking and business opportunities are endless. The open co-working pace becomes a cesspool of resources operating as a market of professionals. Individuals situated in co-working spaces soon realize they can find an in-house accountant next door and a lawyer across the hall to review their legal paperwork. This benefit of physical proximity is potent for collaboration, as well as constant exchange of services. Despite being important for any professional, this feature is especially relevant to start-up companies, as they can hugely benefit from a varied palette of professionals ready to provide insight and helpful services. We further promote and capitalize on this advantage by offering biweekly networking events for the clients in our business centre.

The growth of your business will happen naturally in a co-working space. Due to a large variety of office sizes, shapes, and desks, we can adapt to you as you continue to grow organically within the centre. As you close more contracts, meet with new clients, or expand your personnel, you can conveniently choose between a large selection of spaces to fit your needs, without changing your postage address or phone number.

Another motivating factor to consider is job control. A flexible 24/7, 365 days-a-year office allows for flexible hours, while also allowing room (excuse the pun) for the flow of creativity for morning birds and night owls, alike. Such a set-up is also sensitive to schedules that incorporate religious holidays and unforeseeable daily events that may cut into conventional working hours.

Such flexibility also extends to casual dress code policies. As opposed to a formal dress code, co-working spaces often adopt a business casual dress code. This removal of office space rigidity can make it easier to focus on important tasks such as growing your business, instead of wasting mental energy to figure out what to wear with brown shoes.

Try out a co-working space to personally experience these, as well as other, benefits.

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