Best Office Options During COVID-19

At this time, we’re in the midst of probably what is to become one of the most profound shifts in modern history when it comes to humanity. The novel coronavirus which originated late last year has spread across the globe and altered our economies, livelihoods, and lifestyles for the foreseeable future. The impact of this cannot be understated. Analysts are now stating that this recession as witnessed by COVID-19 is more severe and has the potential to be as long-lasting if not more so than the Great Depression (1929-1939). Many businesses struggle to pay off burdening debt in the form of deferred payments that at some time or another are due. In Canada, many businesses have had to rely on government subsidies to keep themselves afloat. However, with the time ticking on these programs, many fear the worst. Across the country office spaces, entertainment facilities, bars and more have been closed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The question should not be: “When will it end?” but instead, “How can I adapt right now?”

The Changing Layout of the Traditional Workspace

For the past 2 decades at this point, the traditional white collar job that didn’t involve some advanced degree was going into business and working in an office cubicle surrounded by others in front of a computer screen working your traditional 9-5 shift 5 days a week. Obviously this varies depending on the profession as well as your position which may require you to work more than 9-5 or to work on weekends but the overall layout remains constant. Modern advances in technology, particularly in Internet connectivity has rendered this system mostly unnecessary.

What before had to be printed out and could only be discussed in detail in a staff meeting room can now be sent online through e-mail, Google Drive and other platforms while staff can meet to discuss strategies, plans, show their models and present through live streaming software such as Zoom, Google Meets and WhatsApp. What before had to be written out by hand is now typed and the world of advertising of marketing increasingly leans towards the worldwide web instead of the ever-expensive advertising on cable television. The modern office space has lost most of its functionality that had once been the very reason for its creation. Its unique ability to gather a team together so they can work coherently, piggyback off each other’s ideas and plan to work more productively, efficiently and simply by all accounts better, is now lost.

Why Remote Employment Is Easier for Both Parties

Employees have more and more recently discovered in droves alongside corporations that remote employment is not as bad as it first seemed. The perception around remote employment used to be that workers will just lounge around and waste time on the job, thus being not nearly as effective as when in the office. COVID-19 has busted down the door to spark this revolution in white collar employment. According to a new study from IBM, 54% of adults now prefer to primarily work from home. Out of the surveyed, 75% wanted to still work from home in some capacity while 40% felt strongly that employers should give the option of remote working to employees. A study recently launched by Microsoft studying hundreds of its employees found that its employees were more productive working remotely rather than from the office. Their reasoning was that employees were able to take short breaks throughout the day while at home which did not result in over exhaustion or fatigue. This, at the end of the day, led to more work getting done than if those people had spent 8 hours sitting at a desk before taking the hour drive home through traffic.

What Do Offices Still Have to Offer

The battle between office spaces and remote employment for both employees and employers is being won out by remote employment. This is especially considering that remote employment as the primary method allows employers to have less expenses by not having to pay for a massive office space as well as making it easier to hire people from remote distances or even from abroad. Your opportunities instantly expand when you transition to the modern reality that is possible of global interconnectivity. However, there is still something fundamental that this option lacks in comparison to its more traditional counterpart, the client experience.

When it comes to meeting high-level clients, that is, potential business partners, suppliers, or investors, you want them to give you their utmost level of trust. From their end, they’re trying to assess the viability of your business based on sales, expenditures, and past history but subconsciously they are also very quick to notice the aesthetic. How professional does your office space look? How are you and your team dressed? Do you look trustworthy? Do they like the tone of your voice and your mannerisms? When building a connection, it is always better face to face. This includes your website. Your website can’t have pictures of your office space because you don’t have one if you’ve chosen to go down this path. There will be no address for them to look up to see in what type of area you’re set up to gauge your business’ prestige. Well, I have a spoiler for you. You can still have all those things and more without having to rent out a massive office space to house your workers. Here’s how.

Virtual Offices – Your Path Towards the Future

A virtual office is a way to provide you with the amenities you need from the traditional office space while blending them in with our current modern lifestyles. A virtual office gives a business a physical address wherein a business can have unlimited live professional answering from virtual assistants; people working from home providing administrative and technical support, call forwarding, mail handling and meeting rooms to use at your convenience. The meeting rooms are sanitized daily and come with beverages, a writable wall, presentation equipment and more!

A virtual office is a way to help your customers still get the feeling of professionalism and trustworthiness associated with office spaces while also saving heavily on costs with all of these features provided by virtual office spaces being available for $270 a month. If that number makes your eyes light up, you’re having the appropriate reaction. With this option, you can have a modern up-to-date space to present to clients, save on your finances and keep everyone safe during these tough times. If you want to learn about virtual office spaces, meeting rooms and more, visit this page today to learn more!

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