Best Places to Hold a Lunch Meeting in Toronto

The Business Lunch: meant to solidify a business deal through some great food in a first-class atmosphere. Whether the meal is with an employer, investor, or client, picking the right venue is invaluable – it reflects the importance of the meeting and the value you place on the individuals who will be joining you. Here are the best restaurants for a business lunch in Toronto, located near Toronto Eaton Center 250 Yonge Street, Toronto.

  1. Joey

(647) 352-5639

1 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3, Canada

Joey Restaurant, often mistakenly referred to as Joey’s Restaurant with an S is a trendy, well-managed chain of over 20 restaurants, located throughout Canada and North America; recommended attire is upscale casual. Joey is a great place for NETWORKING with business associates because, besides it’s convenient and easy to find a downtown location in the Eaton Center, it is a relaxed, wide-open-air atmosphere, with plenty of space for additional seating. It also has a large bar and numerous flat screen televisions. The menu offers moderately priced meals that should fall right down the middle, in terms of what you and your new associate can afford. There are also gluten-free and vegetarian offerings so if you’re unsure of any dietary restrictions, your companions should be able to find something suitable to eat. Look for the restaurant off Yonge on Dundas.

  1. Cactus Club

(647) 748-2025

77 Adelaide Street West Toronto, ON

According To Entrepreneur Magazine, when the time comes for CLOSING THE DEAL, you’ll want to select an impressive restaurant that offers fine dining and a quiet atmosphere. There should also be plenty of space in-between the tables providing additional privacy for the disclosure of delicate information, during the negotiating terms. Everything is so convinient – just like in a meeting room. The Cactus Club boasts its “creative fine dining” menu and patio dining room atmosphere as well as its multi-cultural menu, which combines Mexican, Asian, American, South American, Creole, and others, to form innovative and refreshing artistic presentations.

  1. Bannock

(416) 861-6996

401 Bay St. Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4

Bannock Restaurant features the next level, “comfort food” stylings of Chef Darren Naduriak, a native of Toronto, which makes the restaurant particularly ideal for difficult and/or stressful meetings that you may not have been looking forward to. This restaurant is perfect for ONE-ON-ONE business meetings like consulting and advising sessions, performance feedback, catch-up conversations, and for getting to know your associates a bit better. The Bannock is also centrally located, and the menu is reasonably priced, which will help you to save the money to conduct one-on-one meetings more often, say for numerous employees, for example. The food and the atmosphere is, what the website describes as, “approachably Canadian” and straightforward, suited to keeping your goal in mind and taking care of your business.

  1. Milestones

(416) 598-2800

10 Dundas St E, Toronto ON M5B 2G9, Canada

Finally, TEAM BUILDING, says Entrepreneur, should take place in a far more casual atmosphere, one that offers a pool table environment and karaoke for example. This makes Shark Club (, an honorable mention because of its enormous sports screens and Pay-Per-View events, as well as its corporate focus on showing large groups ‘a good time.’ However, if there are many females and others on your team, who may be more interested in good food and cocktails, Milestones offers a free-spirited atmosphere and plenty of flamboyant and over-the top beverage creations to whoop it up with. Treating the team to a Happy Hour or a meal about once a month is an excellent way to, not only reward the staff for their hard work, but also provides a rapport building opportunity for the manager and the staff to get to know each other better as individuals.


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