What Are Training Rooms?

When you need a specialized space that has all the resources necessary to train an employee in a given task or skill, you need a training room. While some organizations have training rooms on site, many get better efficiency for … Continue reading

How to Get a Boardroom Position

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Shared Office Means Shared Costs

How do you handle the constant grind of incidental costs that come with an office? Utilities, hardware maintenance, housekeeping, and more can all damage your bottom line and make thin profit margins even thinner. Luckily, there is a solution. If … Continue reading

What Exactly Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

If you feel like your company could use a little bit more organization but don’t have the salary to allocate to a bookkeeper or administrative assistant, you might want to consider looking for virtual assistants who can fulfill your needs. … Continue reading

Why Does Coworking Fail?

Coworking in Toronto usually meets with success, but some offices have trouble finding the groove they need to make the situation work. When you look into a coworking space through a company such as Agile Offices, you need to make … Continue reading

Why Are Cubicles So Popular Today?

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What Is A Mobile Office?

The business world will forever embrace innovation and flexibility, and the mobile office model provides exactly that. A mobile office describes a virtual workspace that you can use on the go. Such an office environment usually involves light and flexible … Continue reading

Most Economical Way To Hold Meetings

Everybody wants to save time and money when it comes to meetings. The best business models plan meetings on a budget and consider the amount of time spent in each meeting. This allows managers to hold agile meetings which enable … Continue reading

Virtual Office VS Traditional Walled Office

When people think of a traditional office, they usually imagine a walled in space with a desk, filing cabinets, and a single door. But is that the most efficient way to run a business? Many smaller companies that need more … Continue reading

Virtual Office Benefits

If you feel like a traditional office environment has grown too restrictive for you and want something that provides you with more flexibility working conditions, a virtual office may be the best choice for you. Virtual offices offer flexible rental … Continue reading