Boardroom Rentals – 5 Ways They Can Be Used

When it comes to budget, location, staff size and available office space we understand that every office has unique needs. At Agile Offices we provide spaces that are budget friendly and can accommodate all different size groups. To highlight a few ways that our boardrooms can be utilized, we put together a list.

Host Customer Meetings

When you are scheduled to meet with an important customer, it might be beneficial to host a boardroom meeting, companies may not have the luxury of having such a space, this is where a boardroom for rent would be extremely valuable.  Look for a room that’s centrally located, that will impress the client, away from noise and distractions. The extra planning and considerations will show your potential customer that they’re valuable to you and your team.

Training Sessions

During a training session attendees should have no problem focusing on the person presenting. Without the proper space, it will be hard for those in the training session to focus or to see the presenter. In order to make sure your attendees are paying attention and retaining the information being taught, it is imperative to have enough space, proper equipment, the right lighting etc. If the class attendees learn nothing from the session, the company will have wasted a great deal of money, time and effort.

Hold a Focus Group

Companies that are in the middle of developing a new television show, or product line for example, put together a focus group meeting. A boardroom meeting is perfect for hosing a focus group. Focus groups can be described as a small, diverse group of people whose reactions are studied for market research. The idea is to see if the group’s reaction is good, as that will be the predicted reaction that can be expected from the population.

Candidate Interviews

There are numerous reasons as to why potential employee interviews should take place outside of the company location.
Some reasons include:

  • The interview is for a position that has not yet been advertised
  • Company is replacing an underperforming employee
  • Hiring staff member for a confidential business initiative

To make sure there is confidentiality during these interviews, consider using a meeting room rental instead of trying to figure out a way to arrange a low-key interview at your current space.

Seminar for Recruiting

Seminars held in a boardroom rental is a great way to recruit new clients and staff. Having a centrally located venue with great amenities will go a long way when it comes to attracting the right people for your business. Agile Offices is located in the perfect location, about the Eaton Center downtown Toronto, close to hundreds of restaurants and the most travelled transit lines in the city.

Are you looking for a boardroom for rent to hold your next event?  Trust the boardroom rental company that Toronto business professionals rely on!
Agile Offices offer numerous kinds of professional rental spaces that can accommodate your business needs. Call us today: 1-866-558-7517.

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