Business Networking – Lean Start-up in Action

You are invited to join us Tuesday, June 23 at Agile Offices down-town Toronto for an exclusive Business Networking Event at this remarkable co-working & event facility. Don’t miss this opportunity to make new business connections and build your network. Everyone will have the chance to make an Elevator Pitch. FREE to attend.



This event will help you to broaden your entrepreneurial horizon, whether you are a new in business or have been for years. You will learn about 3 important things about lean startup: #1 how to Reduce Risks #2 how to Validate Assumptions #3 why you have to make a commitment to constant and Never-Ending Improvement and why Startup and innovation teams should measure progress to the amount of learning done by their teams.

The ecosystem in Toronto is developing rapidly. Lean Startup is on the rise. Evermore companies are applying the principles on a daily basis. Implementing Lean Startup in your team affects aspects like Marketing, Branding, Analytics, Research and of course planning. Lean Startup is a movement that has been changing the face of entrepreneurship. It matches the reality of many entrepreneurs especially with the availability of the Internet, mobile app platforms, open sources, clouds, as well as the social networks and behaviors of new-generation customers.

Bring extra business cards so you can enter the draw for a chance to win Agile Office co-working spaces and Mentoring sessions with Mr. Stephen Clarke. Our event will have 80 people. You must be registered to attend this event.

7.00pm: Speedy Networking

8.00pm: Guest speaker – Mr. Stephen Clarke

Topic: Lean Startup in Action

8.30pm: Mix and mingle

Lean Start-up In action


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