Can a Virtual Office Help Build the Brand Image You Need?

Whether you run a small business with just one or two employees or you’re a freelance contractor who needs to improve his or her sales, a virtual office is a convenient and cost-effective way to take the next step forward. Moving out of your home office and into a more professional space can improve your reputation and help your business grow.

You’ll Have Access to a Separate Physical Address

Websites, business cards, emails, and more should all reflect a physical address. This helps you build a sense of trust with your customers. When you run your office out of your home, you’ll likely use your home address. Although this is fine for logistics – you’ll get your company mail in your mailbox each day – it’s not ideal for building a brand. To seem more professional and reputable to your clients or customers, you’ll have more success working out of a dedicated office space rather than your home.

Better Service for Your Customers

A virtual office space gives you everything you’ll need to give your business a complete professional overhaul, but virtual offices are also quite convenient at the same time. Consider the following benefits:

  • Dedicated business phone number and address
  • A live receptionist or automated answering service that routes telephone calls on your behalf
  • Access to office equipment, including but not limited to fax machines, printers, and copiers
  • A fully-furnished office space
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning

It’s much like having your very own leased office, but without many of the accompanying headaches (monthly payments, lease holds, etc.). When your clients or customers call you, or even when they want to meet with you in person, each of these benefits oozes with professionalism. Your operations in a virtual office will provide a level of service that many of your clients and customers come to expect from larger, successful operations.

Smoother Processes

Have you ever taken down a phone message in a rush and then forgotten where you’ve placed it? Do you miss meetings with clients because your organizational skills are lacking? It happens to just about every freelancer and small business owner at some point – but if it happens regularly, it can hurt your company’s image. A virtual office gives you access to calendars, contacts, email platforms, file sharing, and even data storage and backup, all of which can help put your mind at ease and help you run your business more smoothly.

A More Affordable Space Frees More Funds for Marketing

Finally, building a brand image does require some marketing effort. You’ll need to come up with everything from a logo to a marketing campaign, which can be quite costly. When you choose a virtual office over renting or leasing a space, you’ll free up hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars each month that you can use for marketing and brand building. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice professionalism to save money; you’ll still have access to everything you need to keep you and your customers happy.  Not only will a virtual office build your reputation in-person, it’ll free up capital for you to do some serious digital and traditional marketing to further your brand’s exposure.

A virtual office is an affordable alternative to renting or buying a commercial space, furniture, equipment, telephone, and internet. It also frees up money you won’t have to spend on maintenance and hiring employees. Above all, though, it affords you an opportunity to put your best professional face forward and grow your business every day – which, in essence, is the best way for you to build a brand that exudes the passion and excellence you bring to your clients on a daily basis.

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