Centralize Your Operations, Even as a Travelling Consultant


Traveling consultants have a challenging and demanding schedule, as the constant going to different locations requires a large amount of travel and coordination of time. One practical and convenient solution lies in creating a central office that can provide a place to meet clients and offer presentations while also giving you a separation of home and work while not on the road.

There are many myths associated with the life of a consultant, including the idea that the never-ending frantic pace and travel to small towns gives professionals no choice about where they work. While the perceptions may not always be correct, there are some facts about the traveling consultant’s schedule that will always remain true.

  • You love your days off: Traveling consultants come to love their weekends after a grueling Monday through Friday work schedule. Being away from home so often can be draining, so the days off are more precious. Couple that with the fact that time spent at home is such a valuable resource, having a place to work away from your living space is key to maintaining balance.
  • You will meet a variety of people: It may be that you see people on a regular basis, or only once, but the variety of people you meet is unmatched by other industries. From the hotel staff to the clientele with whom you interact, the range of personalities can be overwhelming at times.
  • You will travel: Whether by car or airplane, a full schedule of meetings and presentations requires a lot of travel around the city, the country, and sometimes around the world.

Benefits of a Central Office

There are many benefits to having a central office, a place to call your own that can serve as a home base. An office not only provides a location where potential clients can gather, but also serves to bolster a reputation and secure new clientele as your business moves forward.

Here are some benefits of creating a home office while you’re on the road:

  1. Affordability: Rather than going through the process of leasing an expensive building, renting an office space is budget-friendly. The flexible terms and variety of room sizes allow for traveling consultants to choose the office that is just right for them.
  2. Low maintenance: Partnering with a professional in office spaces allows you to only focus on what really matters, rather than worry about janitorial and maintenance duties. The convenient option allows you to have a space to land when you’re in town while freeing you from feeling responsible for a staff team.
  3. Convenience: A high quality shared office space can offer no extra charges for utilities, fully furnished spaces, and access to common areas. Your choice of services means you have the option of tailoring your workspace to your unique needs.

Partner with a Trusted Name in Shared Office Space

The life of a traveling consultant brings its own special challenges, but choosing a high-quality space in a great location doesn’t have to be difficult. When you partner with Agile Offices, the convenience and affordability will be just as wonderful as the spectacular views of Toronto that you can enjoy from your workspace. Work on the road can be tough, but our services work to make it a bit easier when to make a work place your home base.

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