What type of clients would utilize Agile’s Facilities and Services?

  • Start-ups – We can provide start-ups with the traction they need to get going. Often, starting up a company means conserving cash. By utilizing our Co-Working space, a start up company can establish a presence in the marketplace in a very cost effective manner. Beginners can conserve cash by simply booking the desk or office time they need, while at the same time portraying their business in a more established light by utilizing meeting space as needed and an address that reflects growth.
  • Entrepreneurs – More established companies who may require a more permanent office presence can do so at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.
  • Professionals – Accountants, lawyers, consultants etc. who have an established client base can present that polished, professional image that their clients expect. They can provide clients with a convenient location for meetings, as well as receive the reception services they need without hiring on their own.
  • Creative companies and Freelancers – Designers, marketers, and cutting edge IT professionals can achieve a more vibrant professional life by linking into the Co-working community to bounce ideas around and get important feedback. The atmosphere is also conducive to networking, collaboration, and idea generation.
  • Sales Professionals – Whether independent or part of a larger company, sales professionals can establish a presence in downtown Toronto. Whether they need an office presence or simply the occasional touch down place to make sales calls, they can find it with Agile Offices. Arranging sales meetings at an A class facility in the Eaton Centre will help establish a solid reputation.
  • Businesses of any size – Many have difficulties in accommodating new employees in proper office space. Utilizing Agile Offices’ workspace options is a great solution! At Agile, we offer different office configurations to facilitate your changing needs.
  • New Market Entrants – Have you been meaning to penetrate the local GTA market? Now you can do so with a premier Toronto address. Take advantage of private or shared space or go completely virtual with our address and a local telephone number. Your client won’t know the difference! To them, you are in Toronto. Also, companies looking to expand their presence to Toronto can do so in a very cost effective manner by utilizing Agile’s services and hence making them available to their reps as well.

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