The changing office landscape has a place for you!

Agile Offices is the first business centre in Toronto to design significant, dedicated, Co-Working space along side private offices and team rooms right from the start. Have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a desk or lounge seat waiting for you downtown with like-minded people and Wifi Internet of 100 Mbps. Also, networking, collaboration, and idea generation is the name of the game.

Agile Offices offers you the following choices for your Co-Working space:

  • Private Cubicles – when you really need to focus to get the job done
  • Collaborative Open Areas – where you are encouraged to interact with others to create a community of like minded business people. Have a question? Just ask those sitting at your table.
  • Team Rooms – an inclusive workspace that inspires conversations, shared ideas and interactions between collogues.
  • Business Lounges – for a relaxed atmosphere where you can conduct informal meetings or brainstorm in comfortable lounge chairs.

At Agile Offices, any of these spaces are open for you to choose from, depending on your mood or daily agenda. Space is allocated on a first come first served basis. There are also lockers for rent to store your laptop or whatever else you may want to store. You also have the option to rent a permanent desk that will be reserved and secured just for you. You can use the Co-Working time you purchase at any time, 24/7.

Our Co-Working packages can accommodate both the one time only user, or those who want more regular access which can also be combined with the occasional use of a private office or our meeting rooms.
Or create your own package with the help of one of our reps and receive volume discounts off of a la carte prices.
Note that 1 day = 24 continuous hours

The Centre is accessible 24/7 – 365 days a year!

Now Offering Team Rooms. Do You Desire a More Efficient Team?

Collaboration and communication with your staff is an essential component to any successful company. It is important to have an inclusive workspace that encourages conversation and interactions between collogues.  Using one of our open concept team rooms provides that each employee will have his/her ideas heard. More importantly, it allows workers to step away from the common distractions experienced in a typical office environment. With no computer screens, e-mail, social media or smartphones your employees will be fully engaged in dialogue with fellow co-workers and new ideas are born. Many employees actually welcome the break and view the team room as a remedy to the monotony of their work day, in turn making them more productive. Team rooms are undoubtedly the most effective way to communicate, brain storm new ideas and maximize company time.

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