Considering Renting Your Next Office?

Renting an office space for the first time can be an exciting step for every business owner. Choosing just any space to be the face of your company can prove to be a massive mistake. The office space you choose to rent must be large enough to accommodate your team. However, the size of the office isn’t all that should be considered when it comes to your first Toronto office rental. AgileOffices has put together a list of all the things to consider for those looking to rent office in Toronto.

Meeting in the Middle

The location of your office is most likely the most important part of renting your first office space. Try to choose a Toronto office rental in a place that is central for your employees, they will thank you.  Be sure that you also keep the location of your top clients in mind when choosing a location in Toronto.

Security is a Must

Many companies, such as lawyers or IT companies handle extremely sensitive, confidential documents – this means no one should freely be able to gain access to your office. Protecting expensive equipment is also a very important factor for companies, especially startups that have just invested a lot into their business. Proper security should be at the forefront, especially if his or her employees tend to stay at the office until later in the evening. Be sure that your employees and your equipment will remain safe and secure, find out if the your new office rental will have a security guard, key fob entry ways and after hours security.

Consider the Neighbourhood

Another factor when renting your first office space that can greatly effect the success of your business is the location and its nearby amenities. Employees will be happy to work out of an office that is close to restaurants, shopping centers, coffee shops, banks and grocery stores. This way they can run errands on their lunch break and not have to do it after work.

Happy employees translate to hardworking employees. An amazing location will also impress clients and potential new employees. Having an impressive, convenient workplace location could be the deciding factor when it comes to clients deciding weather or not to work with you. Another factor to consider is if the area is safe and secure. It is always best to visit the office in person to see the surrounding area before making any final decisions.

Parking and Transit?

Parking is such an important factor to Torontonians and it often times goes overlooked when renting your first Toronto office space. You don’t have to necessarily cover the cost of parking for your clients and employees, just give them a place where they can park if they do decide to drive to work. Employees who live far may have to drive in order to get to the office and having a close, safe parking spot is always a bonus.

In Toronto, transit plays a huge role when it comes to getting people back and forth to work every day. At Agile Offices, the office is actually located above one of the busiest, accessible subway stations in the city! There are also 2 major streetcar lines that run just outside, a few feet away.

If you are looking for an office rental in Toronto, you may see signs online like “rent office in Toronto” or “Toronto shared office spaces.” Make sure you do your due diligence, as often times online advertisements look nothing like the actual space.

If you’re looking for a Toronto shared office space for rent, call us at1-866-558-7517 and book a tour of one of Toronto’s most popular rental office spaces.  Agile Offices would love to hear from you!

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