Dangers of a Small Business Not Having an Office Space

It is unimaginable that any kind of a business can operate without an office space, when they can simply do so and enjoy all the benefits that come with a fully-fledged office. For small businesses without offices, here are some of the dangers you risk running into as a result of operating as if you are running a work at home venture.

Lack of credibility

Most people won’t prefer to deal with businesses that are operated from bedrooms. In the least circumstances, a business should have a shared office space for operations. This will make clients and customers feel comfortable doing business as they know that you are real and can be traced to a physical location should there be need.

Lack of convenience

A virtual office brings lots of conveniences to the owners of the small businesses. They have access to modern communication facilities such as internet and video conferencing capabilities and they also have access to board rooms and meeting rooms where they can meet their clients and hold discussions or do product demos. Without access to an office space, small businesses are locked out of these conveniences.

Lack of professionalism

Small businesses that do not have an office space will be viewed as less professional and this will make potential customers and clients shy away from dealing with them. These types of businesses will have to meet their clients in hotel lobbies or restaurants and this portrays a very bad image of the business. But all this can change by having an inexpensive furnished office in an executive business centre which can be rented by the Hour or by the Day.

Lack of business address

Without an office, it will be impossible to have a physical address attached to your business. You will simply be a briefcase company operated from a laptop within hotel lobbies and restaurants. This is very damaging and it’s a sure recipe to make the business ventures fail. Avoid this by having a virtual office with full receptionist to give your small business a professional look.

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