Decorating an Executive Office In 7 Simple Steps

Sometimes profit incentive isn’t the only thing on your mind. Sometimes you feel bogged down by the monotony of it all, day in and day out of the office, as if every day brings something different yet it ends up feeling the same. Unfortunately, I’m not here to give you philosophical advice but I can suggest how you can make your working experience more entertaining with a little bit of colour and aesthetic. Executive offices need to be taken care of because they’re important to you and equally so to your employees. Changing a design can result in you feeling differently about the place in which you work and how your employees feel about you.

It’s no different from your house really. It’s an important investment and you want to take pride in what you’ve accomplished. Just as a hard-working homeowner works to make upgrades to his or her home with inside renovations, landscaping and gardening, so too do you need to focus on your personal office space. It must be designed so that as soon as you walk into your den, you start the day with a positive attitude and mindset, ready to be inspired, motivated and productive.

The Importance of Colour

Studies show that different colours stimulate different areas of our brain into behaving in certain ways. Some examples include: white and gray; is sleek and pretty but also too plain, it doesn’t result in increased productivity and can increase the risk of burnout. Blue; the colour of creativity which activates the right side of our brain responsible for creativity and the arts. This helps to formulate new ideas and see the other side of the story. It activates the part of the brain designed for complex problem solving. Green; a relaxing colour and important if you don’t want to overwork yourself while at the same time also improving concentration. Pink; the softer version of red, activates positive emotions and reduces stress if you ever feel overwhelmed. Finally, red; the stimulating colour that is designed to get work done! It activates the left-side of our brain which is responsible for our logical and rational side which increases productivity but be cautious! An excess can result in burnout.

Never go all into one colour scheme, even if you have a particular mindset that you want to focus on. It’s always important to mix and blend colours to give yourself variety because just one colour might take you back to the plain blandness that you had hoped to avoid by decorating your office space.

Mission Statement

Make your mission statement (i.e. Slogan, motto) visible and vibrant! When walking into executive offices, you want to be greeted by something that tells you that you’re stepping into the centre of it all and for it to remind you  when you look up of why you’re here in the first place. If you ever need a reminder, it’ll be there for you. It will also be equally visually striking for your employees.


Art is the expression of human creativity, thoughtfulness and ingenuity. It also reflects the styles that you prefer, whether they be classic or contemporary. Artwork switches things up by not making everything in executive offices solely about the work at hand. It’s a way for you to be able to express yourself while diversifying your home away from home.

Unique Furniture

To make something stand out, you need to give it a funky look, something that makes it unlike everything else in the vicinity. Some examples include fancy, ergonomic chairs and colourful drawers with different cabinets and on top of which you can put anything from lamps to vases to family pictures. Family pictures especially are what make executive offices feel more like home. Most interestingly, a study conducted by a team of researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan found that when participants looked at cute images of kittens and babies, productivity subsequently increased for both sexes. Finally, putting up mirrors make the workplace be perceived as more cool, professional and modern while not carrying along with it the effect of decreased productivity as mentioned before with bland colours. They also cause an office space to appear larger, making it more appealing and welcoming which is an extremely important attribute, especially on Mondays.

Bringing in The Great Outdoors

Plants are a huge part of any modern office space. An Australian research study found that the introduction of plants into office spaces decreases stress and in turn, increases productivity, it also found that 10% of worker’s sick days came as a result of a lack of nature and/or natural lighting in the office. The smell and comfort of nature is very powerful and one of those reasons is because it boasts the colour green, which let’s remember, is the colour of destressing and relaxation. Moreover, if you have a good skyline that you can show off in your executive office to bring in some natural lighting, it’s essential that you do that if you haven’t already. Consider expanding the windows to let in more light so as to not always rely on dull artificial lighting when you can have beautiful sunshine shine in to start off your day.

Front and Central

Avoiding clutter in executive offices is a challenge considering the amount of work you have to deal with, but it portrays you as someone who is organized, someone who can be trusted and someone that is a leader. The removal of clutter is a precursor to you setting up your desk in the middle of the office space. If you cram yourself beside a wall, you may come off as a bit disorganized and not as assertive as you would want to be. Being at the centre with your face clearly visible to all onlookers and visitors is what fosters open communication between employer and discuss any issues that may arise.

To cap it off, designing your office space is not just a matter of looks. It also has to do with how you want to feel at your work, what type of attitude you want to come into work with and keep as well as what type of image you want to portray to your employees. It’s about mixing and matching to transform a dull, unimaginative and uninspiring workplace into a place where you get your working vibe on through hard work and creativity while projecting the company’s and by extension, your interests. By the end of it all, it’ll feel more like home than ever before.

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