Factors to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Office

Serviced offices give a small business an opportunity have a professional outlook without having to incur any financial expenses related to building and furnishing an office. But before a business can move into a new office location, it is important to consider certain factors to ensure that the chosen office space is the ideal one, and if it will be appropriate for the operations of the business. As guidance, the following factors are worth considering.

Space requirements

Small business vary in size considering their capacities and nature of operations, and the providers of the shared office spaces will also have different options available at different rates. For an optimal office, determine how much space requirement you need. There is no need to consider future expansions with a serviced office since they are flexible and you can always add or reduce your space as and when demand arises.


The choice of location should not be pegged on prestige alone but accessibility by your potential clients or customers. The aim of the business is to offer services to customers hence the location should be easily accessible by the majority. For smooth operations, it should also be accessible to the employees to reduce instances of rampant lateness due to transportation logistics as this can slow down the operations of the business.


The facilities present in the serviced office space will determine how convenient and how flexible your operations will be. Ideally, it should have all the facilities required to operate a normal business and these include a receptionist, board rooms, meeting rooms, good communication infrastructure etc. These are what will help a small business to project a professional image and gain trust and credibility in its operations.

The pricing

You need to rent serviced offices that you can afford. The price should however be a compromise between the features available and your total budget. There is no need to go for shared offices with little facilities simply because they are cheap. You would be better off paying slightly higher but get facilities that will make your business move forward.

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