Get a Professional Downtown Address in Toronto With Agile Virtual Office Plans

As the owner of a startup business or small company, you’re likely faced with the challenge of fitting a costly office lease into your budget.

Fortunately, however, today’s business owners have many more choices than past business owners have had when it comes to office space. In fact, today, you even have the choice to reap all the benefits of an office — without actually renting the physical space!

For business owners in Toronto, this is called renting a “virtual office,” and it has become an increasingly common and useful practice.

What Is a Virtual Office?

Virtual office spaces provide you with a hyper-professional downtown address in Toronto along with several other key office-related benefits. The only caveat is that you aren’t renting an actual, physical office.

Sounds a little odd at first, right?

But if you consider how often you truly need the physical space of an office, you’ll see that it’s actually an ingenious option for business owners on a tight budget.

That’s because in this day and age, most startups and small businesses can be run from anywhere. General communication can take place by phone, email, or instant messenger. And even when you do need to meet “face to face,” virtual video conferences are always an option (or you can rent a short-term, private meeting room for just a few hours).

Essentially, with a Toronto virtual office, you’re paying an extremely reasonable rate to have:

  • Use of a highly professional and valuable downtown address
  • Mail services and 24/7 access to an on-site mailbox (or the option to have mail forwarded to a personal address)
  • Access to printers, wireless Internet, projectors, and other technology
  • Professional reception services
  • Optional “drop in time” to use desk space for a limited time
  • The ability to rent private meeting rooms or conference rooms for professional meetings or conferences
  • Easy incorporation of your business

The Benefits of a Physical Mailing Address Downtown

Agile Offices offers several packages and features to meet your virtual office needs, but one feature is included in all of our packages: The use of a downtown address in the world-renowned Toronto Eaton Centre.

This iconic business location is well-known as the home of many of Toronto’s largest and most powerful and respected businesses, and your business could be part of this empire.

At first glance, having a reputable and exceptionally-professional business address downtown may not seem so important. But give it a bit more consideration, and you’ll soon see that your business address is an essential part of the face of your business. Like a website, it denotes how serious, professional, and organized your company is.

On the other hand, an obvious personal or home address as your business address denotes an unprofessional, amateurish attitude. Clients and customers, potential investors, and prospective employees will take this into consideration as they examine your company from afar.

Why Else Should You Choose a Virtual Office Space?

If you are someone who doesn’t require the consistent use of physical office space to work from, you can rent virtual office space for a fraction of the cost it would be to rent a real, physical office — and you have the option of getting most of the same benefits.

This fits the bill for most small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual freelancers.

At times, it’s certainly beneficial to have physical space where you can work or meet with clients or employees. But how often do you really require it? Could you work from home or at a café? Could you meet with your coworkers via virtual meetings online or simply email to communicate?

If your physical office space needs come up just a few times a week or month, you’ll be throwing away money to rent out a physical office. Moreover, many workers actually prefer to work from home. Both you and any employees you have will be able to work at your own schedules and pace — often an essential benefit when you’re just starting out with a new business and still have another job.

At the same time, you might appreciate having the professional address and other amenities that many offices can provide: Mail handling, a local telephone number, professional phone answering and call forwarding services, a professional voice mail system, occasional meeting rooms, printer and projector access, WiFi, etc.

In this case, obtaining the still extremely affordable Live Answer Plus Package or the Live Answer Plus Meeting Space Package could be just what you’re looking for.

Reserve Your Virtual Office Space With Agile Offices in Toronto

While it’s been common practice for many years to rent an office for a new business or small business no matter what, this is changing. Virtual office rentals are some of the most popular types of office rentals in Toronto today, and an increasing number of entrepreneurs and large business owners alike are now reserving their professional addresses in downtown centers and only using physical spaces and office amenity features a la carte — when they’re needed.

Using a virtual office for rent over an expensive and often unusable private office space allows you to save essential funds for more important usages. It also lessens the hassles and complications that private office spaces often bring about: Cleaning services, long and busy commutes, time management, and more.

Whatever workspace you choose for your business or private practice, you should be choosing a space based on your personal business needs and personality type. This is something that a virtual office allows you to do extremely well — it’s so simple to cater your virtual office package to your specific requirements.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all office choice for everyone, virtual offices present excellent benefits for many people and should be looked at as a viable office space option for all types of businesses and individuals in and around Toronto.

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