Getting a Prestigious Business Address

The world has undergone a massive shift in an economic, political and cultural sense over the past year due to the far-reaching and reverberating impact of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus. Many office spaces along with other major centres for gatherings were shut down in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus. At the present, many months past the initial lockdowns, governments are tentatively reopening institutions. While things slowly seem to be returning to a sort of pre-COVID normal, this is not the case. While the virus may perhaps fade away or seem inconsequential in several years time, the effect it is having and will have on our society is permanent. One of those effects is people’s interpretation of working from a remote location and a fundamental change in how we perceive the standard salaryman office job to be like.

How Has the Idea of the Office Space Changed?

Over time, starting from the 1970s, the traditional office space that we think of today became popular.  That is, the rows of desks that are now more often surrounded by cubicles in an empty hall which allow for efficient use of space while still giving each worker some semblance of privacy. The problem with this approach is that over time, the role of the traditional office space has shifted from more of a necessity to something of a luxury good.

The change started out with coming into the office because that’s where all your work was located and if you didn’t go there, you wouldn’t be able to finish the work or at least you wouldn’t be able to communicate with a manager or client to complete it properly or as well. Nowadays, the technology available to us allows us to get all of those things done remotely, the office space is more about presenting an image of professionalism and an atmosphere of getting work done. In short, traditional office spaces are used in order to change how we feel to get the work done instead of being necessary to get the work done in the first place.

What do Traditional Office Spaces Still Provide?

Although the modern landscape of video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet and WhatsApp have made traditional office spaces not a necessity, the power of how something makes you feel can be just as essential for a businesses marketing department. That is why although not necessary to do the job, an entrepreneur will prefer to have their address be an office in downtown Toronto as part of a high-rise complex compared to their basement in whichever suburb. A client or a potential one would be far more likely to trust a business with its headquarters in a major metropolis than working out of a person’s home or apartment. Due to these consumer attitudes, the business of virtual office spaces has boomed in the past decade.

On demand office space for offices in downtown will be ever present for the aforementioned reason however many people are not able to afford those types of venues unless they are in charge of medium to large corporations raking in hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. The solution in the 21st century has become virtual office spaces.

Understanding Virtual Offices

If you are not yet familiar with virtual office spaces, they are essentially a business that is operated remotely. This means that there isn’t a centralized office space where people go to work. Instead, employees and business owners all work remotely from wherever they please while continuing to provide the services they normally would in a traditional office space. What virtual offices do is they allow you to have a business postal address be in the centre of downtown even though you and your employees might not be working from that location.

They provide you with a receptionist at the specified business location so as to still give clients the feel of a traditional office space as well as have meetings arranged at that address with clients. Some other services include phone answering and voicemails services, meeting rooms as well as envelope opening and scanning services so you can have all the mail sent to that address e-mailed to you, wherever you might be.

Why Virtual Offices = More Profit

The advantages of virtual office spaces are already self-evident. They allow for a huge reduction in spending when it comes to renting out a massive facility for your workers and impressing clientele. You can save far more on expenses while still bringing in the same amount of revenue. Another major advantage of virtual-based offices is that you have the option of hiring workers from abroad for many positions which they would have previously been unable to fill. It frees you up from being confined to your local neighbourhood and makes it far easier to entice both clients and workers from afar.

A prestigious business address may be the push you need to receive the recognition to put you on the map. All that it requires is to pay a couple hundred dollars a month to maintain this infrastructure. Other than that, simply pay your workers and the job can be done as well if not, better than before. This is because studies have shown that people working from home perform better on thought-intensive assignments with a more creative approach.

This is in line with the fact that the majority of respondents at major tech companies such as Apple and Google have already voiced their opinions that they prefer to work full-time from home compared to the office. Happier employees means less burnout ones which means more motivated ones which at the end of the day, equals productivity.


For a couple hundred dollars a month, you can accommodate your clients and workers with all the services they’re used to experiencing while only paying a fraction of the costs you normally do. At the same time, you can promote your business as one with a far greater reputation and standing than previously thanks to prestigious business addresses. And last but not least, your intellectual manpower increases due to your pool of potential workers widening and the workers you already have working better than ever before. So why not purchase a virtual office space today? Visit today to learn more!

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