How Executive Office Rentals in Toronto Save You Money

Renting executive offices can be a great way to keep expenses down since you’re paying only for what you need and what you use while sharing costs with others in a shared office environment.

It’s almost impossible to lease or buy precisely the square footage you need. You will more than likely end up with more space than you, especially if you’re planning for an expansion in the future. Executive office rentals are scalable, which means you’re paying for only what you currently need and delaying any additional expenses until you need more space. Buying and leasing typically means a long-term investment and makes it difficult to move or adapt as your situation changes.

The Savings Add Up Quickly

Co-working spaces allow you to share the costs of a receptionist and other support staff without the expenses of wages and benefits, which can add significantly to your staffing costs. Shared office space and renting executive offices allows you to share those costs with other tenants on a pay as you go, project or hourly basis.

Do you need an executive conference room every day, or just on occasion for meetings with clients, vendors, or employees? Why pay for all the latest technology when you can avoid the upfront costs by using it only when you need it? Monitors, projectors, whiteboards, conferencing equipment, cameras, and phone lines can all add up (plus the costs of IT professionals to maintain your technology).

The Hidden Costs Of Leasing And Owning

Whether you’re a tenant or a building owner, you’re responsible for paying the utilities, having supplies in stock and managing any office services you need. Executive office rentals give you access to any of these services without the overhead. You pay only for what you use when you use it.

As a property owner, you are on your own for insurance costs, building maintenance, and capital improvements. If you lease, you might still be paying a share of common areas or building improvements. Even simple things like janitorial services can take away from the bottom line. When renting executive office space, these costs are all part of the deal, and they’re fixed to give you an accurate idea of what’s costing you what month-in and month-out.

The Flexibility of Renting Executive Office Space

Today’s “hot location” can be tomorrow’s dead spot. Renting executive office space gives you the flexibility you need to stay ahead of the trend and not get stuck with a place you can’t sell or in a part of town you don’t feel safe. Flexible arrangements mean you can expand and contract services as needed, upgrade or reduce your office footprint, and add staff as necessary.

Managing your office space can be expensive. You may have to lock up capital or make long-term commitments that may take away from your growth instead of benefit it. Executive office space rentals provide you with an opportunity to be agile and to adapt as your business grows while managing costs effectively.

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