How Freelancers Can Leverage Shared Workspaces Into Income Opportunities

Office cubicles can be dull. Working from home can leave people feeling isolated or juggling constant distractions that get in the way, especially if you live with family or roommates. Many freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs find a rented shared workspace a good compromise that’s well worth the investment.

The dynamic energy of such environments combined with networking opportunities that forge relationships with with other talented professionals can unlock business opportunities you might never have found in a traditional workspace or home office.

The benefits of coworking are hard to ignore, even if you aren’t a freelancer or entrepreneur. According to an annual survey by Deskmag, 71% of respondents said coworking boosted their creativity, while 62% reported that the quality of their work had improved.

The study also found that more than 50% of “coworkers” accessed their workspace around the clock, with only 30% working during normal business hours. This tells us that the future of work won’t be dictated by space or environment, but how a person performs the tasks they need to deliver. More and more, people are measured by output and productivity, not by the amount of time they sit at their desks.

Coworking spaces cater to a variety of people and organization, such as freelancers to one-man show entrepreneurs, to startups finding their footing and creatives, developers and business consultants. These spaces are breeding grounds for great ideas, generated through collaboration and the relationships many coworkers establish with each other. Coworkers are truly a community, one in which freelancers can truly leverage to uncover significant opportunities to advance their careers.

Coworking by the numbers (according to DeskMag’s Global Coworking Survey):

  • 50% of all coworkers access their work space around the clock
  • 71% report a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space
  • 62% said their standard of work had improved in a coworking space
  • Almost 90% of coworkers report an increase in self-confidence
  • 70% of coworkers feel healthier than they did working in a traditional office
  • Between a third and half of all workers are flexible and mobile
  • 64% of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on time

All About Shared Workspaces

Shared workspaces are a cost-effective way for freelancers and startups to access business amenities and to work in a focused, energetic environment without having to worry about real estate and office overhead costs.

Here are a few reasons why freelancers should consider a coworking environment:

1. A bustling community full of people from various backgrounds

Coworking spaces bring together influencers and people from different communities. These spaces also present great educational and networking opportunities for freelancers to leverage and turn into new skills or partnerships.

2. A work-life balance that maximizes your performance

Many freelancers find the opportunity to work from home an advantage. There’s fewer distractions and more flexibility in your work schedule. On the other hand, constantly working from home and on your own can stifle creativity and productivity. The solution often lies in welcoming a new environment. Coworking space can help. They seperate your work from your home. There’s opportunities to step away and meet new people and establish new relationships, both personal and professional.

3. Amenities within an arm’s reach.

Coworking spaces do a great job at identifying the needs of people from various backgrounds. They work hard to identify those factors that make people love to come to work, such as free coffee, bright environments full of windows to enhance productivity, common areas for collaboration and discussion, quiet areas for focused work and meeting rooms equipped with the necessary equipment in case you need to make a big presentation to clients.

Many spaces also offer auxillary services such as guest reception and concierge, printing and scanning, mailboxes, personal lockers and virtual offices.

4. Strategic locations within central business areas

In many busy urban business centres, freelancers would have a hard time justifying the cost of an expensive lease on a small office. And in some cases, the idea is out of reach completely. Luckily, many coworking spaces are located at the heart of busy business areas, providing freelancers the benefits of working closer to potential clients without the expensive overheads of having to pay for their own offices.

5. Flexible workplace solutions

The flexibility of coworking spaces help you maximize financial and time resources that you can invest in your business. A variety of membership rates are available, depending on your needs, such as:

whether you’re interested in a weekly or monthly commitment
if you need flexible, 24 hour access versus scheduled ‘workday’ blocks of time
whether you need a simple desk and internet access in a communal space or a more private office

They also allow you to build personal and business connections with other freelancers in a variety of fields. Other advantages of co-work spaces for freelancers include:

  • Quality, stable internet connection.
  • Tech problems are the co-working space’s problem, not your’s.
  • Social interaction and conversation, breaking up the workday routine.
  • The structured environment helps you stay motivated.

You can build accountability by discussing goals with the other people there.
Interface with other professionals to create supportive friendships and partnerships among other freelancers that you might never otherwise have met.

Come in contact with dynamic new strategies to compete in the market
Network to identify potential r clients in your field. Leverage your availability and growing experience into full time work or amazing business opportunities.

Should You Explore Shared Workspaces?

Freelancers and small businesses face some unique issues. These range from isolation if you work at home or getting bogged down in expensive lease-style office arrange that requires you to pay attention to everyday issues outside of growing your business, such as maintenance.

Coworking spaces provide freelancers with the benefit of not having to worry about anything but their work. This is a significant advantage to have when it comes to scale your career, and identify and leverage new partnership and collaboration opportunities.

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