How to be a Social Entrepreneur

You are kindly invited to join us to learn, connect with others, share experiences and discover more about how to co-create a positive future. Register here as it is FREE to attend.

The biggest question we all face with in life is “What can I do that I like and will provide me with the Lifestyle I want?”….in other words what VEHICLE will you choose to create the Future you desire? This was the fundamental reason we created The Millennial Lifestyle Club.

•        Millennial Lifestyle Club is a Group of Professionals Building global social enterprises
•        Participate is focused on those truly interested in Making the World a better place to live by Giving
•        Millennial Lifestyle Club is a For-Profit Social Enterprise whose purpose is to create a global framework under which individuals with common objectives can leverage each other efforts in a uniform system to accomplish more than they could accomplish by themselves alone.

7.00pm: Networking. Everyone will have the chance to introduce themselves.
7.30pm: Millennial Lifestyle Club. A detailed explanation of the opportunity: The Work Flow, How It Works, 2015 Marketing Initiatives. Meet Core Team Mentors:
Stephen Clarke: CEO RTGWarren Coughlin, Business Coach/Consultant Trainer,
Svetlana Ratnikova 
8.00pm: Q/A. 8.30pm: Mix and mingle

You must be registered to attend this event. This is your opportunity for you to DO Incredible Good

Agile Offices – 250 Yonge Street. #2201. Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 CA
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