How to Be Polite When Sharing an Office Space

When you rent shared office space, it’s important that you do your part to contribute to the overall peace and harmony of the environment. This means using common etiquette practices to ensure the mutual respect of everyone’s personal space and belongings.

Not sure what common etiquette practices are expected in a shared work space in Toronto? Here are some general practices that your office mates will likely expect and hopefully offer you in return:

Etiquette Rule #1 – Limit your use of perfume and other personal scents.

While you may enjoy the waft of a pleasant-smelling perfume or cologne on a co-worker, not everyone is crazy about these types of smells. Some people are even allergic.

Optimally, therefore, it’s a good skip perfumes, colognes, and other strong scents altogether. Alternatively, you can ask your office space mates if they mind these scents.

Etiquette Rule #2 – Consider backing off on other smells too.

Namely, food smells.

Of course, you love a big bowl of microwaved broccoli and chicken for lunch, but those not partaking in your meal will probably not be as thrilled. For the most part, if you plan on eating in your shared space, still to non-smelly foods: Simple sandwiches, crackers or pretzels, yogurt, etc.

Etiquette Rule #3 – Clean up after yourself.

You can make a hugely positive impression in the eyes of your office mates by simply cleaning up after yourself. Avoid leaving crumbs, spills, papers, garbage, and other utensils or objects lying around. When you leave your space, make sure that you also give a quick wipe to your work surface.

Etiquette Rule #4 – Keep chatting and phone talk to a minimum.

While your office space doesn’t have to be as quiet as a church, keeping chit chat and phone talk to a minimum is general courtesy. If you must talk to others or speak on the phone, keep it to a minimum, and use a quiet, gently voice.

If the conversation needs to be longer, gauge the room. If there’s other talking going on, you might be able to just keep your voice down and go ahead. Otherwise, if it’s generally quiet at the moment, consider postponing your chat or moving it outside or to a more communal, loud area of the building.

Etiquette Rule #5 – Be generally courteous and respectful.

Finally, being friendly, kind, and generally respectful will go a long way in staying on the good side of your office mates. And naturally, you’ll be sure to want the same respect and courtesy directed at you.

While many small businesses and startups may prefer to have their own private office space, shared space office living is certainly a more affordable office rental option. Furthermore, simply by observing the etiquette tips outlined above, you should be able to facilitate a harmonious work environment for you and your fellow office-mates.

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