How To Decorate Your Office Rental

Decorating your office can make work feel a little more like home but can also have an impact on your productivity level. If you rent office space, you need any office decoration to be simple and easy to move. While it might seem easier to avoid personal decorations in an office rental such as the options provided by Agile Offices, a little personal touch can brighten your day and make you more effective at work. To help you find the right balance, here are six ways you can decorate an office rental with ease.

1: Look for Form and Function

When you rent office space and might be in an area for only a short period of time, it helps if you can make sure that your decorations also provide useful function. A personalized coffee mug, notebook, or pen holder can provide wonderful personal touches while still giving you the flexibility to pack things up quickly if you need to. This mobility becomes especially important if you share your desk with another employee who comes in during your off shifts.

2: Use a Digital Picture Frame

Do you have a lot of pictures but only a limited amount of space in your office rental? Consider a digital picture frame. These products allow you to store multiple photos on either the frame’s own hard drive or a removable flash card. You can cycle through pictures in order or at random, controlling the speed and style of transitions. A digital picture frame is an excellent way to keep your photos at your desk without creating a lot of clutter.

3: Use Colorful Note Holders

A typical office desk often becomes cluttered up with sticky notes and memos as the business week goes on. If you produce a lot of memos throughout the work week, consider sprucing things up with note holders. You can choose a variety of different colors and designs for these simply wooden or plastic blocks. Easy to move and rearrange, they do a good job of adding some personality to your desk area.

4: Bring in a Plant

Even if you rent office space that somebody else shares with you, a plant is a good way to add some decoration that everybody can enjoy. You can choose the variety of plant based on the level of sunlight your office rental gets. A window that offers natural sunlight is great, but you can opt for a shade plant if needed.

5: Decorate Your Boards and Planners

If you use an office planner or wall calendar, you don’t have to settle for a simple black and white grid. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your planning calendars into an office decoration. Doing so can brighten your office without interfering with anybody else’s workflow.

6: Use Fun Push Pins

Many offices use magnetic boards or bulletin boards for important memos and public announcements. If you rent office space that has one of these boards, you can express yourself by choosing different colours and designs for your pins and magnets. From glitter magnets to pins with a spiral design, there are many opportunities.

Renting an office doesn’t mean that you have to keep it uniform. There are many simple ways to add your own sense of personality and flair, even if your rental is short-term.

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