How to Protect Your Business in a Shared Office Space

Coworking spaces are budget-friendly and can help you maximize productivity, but they often open your business up to security risks. While the benefits definitely outweigh any drawbacks, it’s important to know how to protect your company in a shared office space. When considering Toronto coworking spaces, be sure to keep a few things in mind when making your final decision.

Building Access

When looking around for small office space for rent, pay attention to who has access to the coworking space. Do all tenants have a key? Are the rented offices within the building secure? Figure out who has keys to the building and know when and if the building doors are open to anyone walking by. Employees should feel safe and comfortable when working late hours or if they come in on the weekends.

Security Considerations

Shared office spaces typically have some common security measures in place. Increased security measures like interior surveillance cameras monitor the space to help prevent loss. A few other things to look for include:

  • Locked doors with 24/7 access to keyholders
  • Security cameras both inside and out
  • Key cards that track movement within the building
  • Locking storage and interior office spaces
  • On-site security guards
  • Daytime building receptionist to direct and check-in guests
  • Smartphone access to locked doors
  • Adequate lighting
  • Secure parking 

Internet Connections

Whether you work from your own virtual private network (VPN) or share internet with others in the building, make sure business correspondence and traffic is protected from outsiders. Consider multi-factor authentication that might involve strong passwords, swiping an access card or entering a PIN. Use one-time access codes sent to personal cell phones, or even use fingerprint scanners to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

In some cases, you might consider setting up your own internet with a secure passcode to eliminate any worry of unauthorized access. Also, even if the building has a shared printer, install a wireless printer for your business to reduce the risk of misplaced documents or having confidential information left exposed to others.

Keep Items Secure

For shared spaces, consider taking laptops, iPads, and other portable electronics home each night to prevent loss. Keep office doors locked for larger office equipment and be sure to utilize personal storage lockers for other smaller valuables. Beyond hardware, when it comes to data, consider cloud storage or storing backups off-site. Protecting your data off-site ensures operations can resume if you can’t get to the office or in the event of an emergency. It also makes it possible to work from home or while traveling.

Equip all electronic devices with an option to wipe information remotely to prevent sensitive information from reaching the wrong hands in the event of theft.

Renters Insurance

Accidents and loss happen even with the most vigilant of business owners. Be sure to carry renter’s insurance to safeguard against fire and other unplanned disasters. Coworking spaces provide a valuable physical location for companies trying to grow their business while keeping overhead costs down. Like any venture, take the time to address any security concerns when renting a shared office space for a growing business to prevent loss.

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