How your office set up can lower stress levels


Stress is now a daily part of our lives, it partially defines the post-post-modern condition of man. It occupies our minds and bodies to the degree that we have automatically started assuming that stress should be a daily part of our lives.

Workplaces are a major cause of stress because people spend a significant chunk of their day at their work places. The monotony of repetitive office tasks and the pedestrian nature of everyday paper work can be further increased by a prosaic office environment. New researches are proving that the office environment can be manipulated to cater to the psychological needs of employees, reducing their stress levels and increasing engagement and motivation.

Many people in the corporate world do not attach much importance to colors, but they play a major role in determining and setting the mood in the workplace.  Yellow, for example, is known to promote intellectual thinking, while colors like blue and green calm people down. Earthly colors like brown encourage warmth and comfort. Your office set up should be a combination of these colors so that the right type of attitude can be invoked within the workplace.

Ergonomics play a tremendous role in determining work efficiency and inefficiency in relatively menial tasks causes frustration, anxiety, and stress. An ergonomically considerate desk and chair can go a long way in decreasing the stress levels of an employee. A swivel chair, for example, can reduce stress by making the employee more comfortable and giving them a relative sense of entitlement.

A game room, a relaxation room, or a gymnasium are all excellent places for the employees to relieve stress. Working out has been known to release endorphins which reduce stress and increase motivation. Moreover, employees may be encouraged to meditate in the relaxation room, use massage chairs, or simply stretch out. All of these tips not only reduce work place stress levels but engage employees in a way that increases productivity.
What are some tips that helped you decrease stress levels in your office? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below!


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