Is IT an Issue at Your Flexible Office?

The issue of IT security looms large for business of all sizes. For companies who utilize a virtual office and/or flexible workspace, many times that can be a situation that is out of their hands and they have to rely on the owners of the office they share space in. That shouldn’t be a deterrent for using this type of workplace arrangement. Not having a flexible workspace or collaborative office in Toronto can actually deter the best employees from working with you – that’s much more dreadful a situation than IT Security.

So what are some ways that you can make IT a priority while having a flexible workspace? Here are a few tips:

Data Backup is VITAL

Hearing that you need to backup your data probably isn’t ground-breaking news. That being said, when dealing with a network that is shared with people and organizations you have ZERO control over, the need to have data backup solutions and best practices in place becomes tantamount to your peace of mind and overall success. Data loss/corruption can lead to major business problems, including (but not limited to):

  • loss of revenue
  • loss of reputation
  • loss of business

Mitigating this type of disaster can be as simple as working with the other tenants in the space to acquire a secure digital backup system to be implemented. This type of backup can be a challenge for small-midsize companies, so taking the  collaborative workplace arrangement to the next level by securing data backup best practices amongst the group can alleviate any IT worries that can arise.

Internal Backup Solutions Can Be in the “Clouds”

Cloud file syncing and backup solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox have become increasingly popular. Once you have a secure external IT solution in place among your associates within the office, utilizing an additional internal solution will make your data, ultimately, as secure as it can possibly be. Cloud solutions offer a variety of ways to accomplish an organization’s data backup goals. By storing vital client information (accounting, projects, etc.) which can be accessed by authorized users, cloud solutions can serve as a backup AND file sharing tool when managing a client.

IT solutions can be very technical and involved, and data backups are no different. When working in a flexible workspace in Toronto like you’d find through, Agile Offices you need to know that your valuable data isn’t being compromised or viewed by unauthorized sources. Heeding these two tips will help you operate your small to mid-size business in a collaborative space in a secure manner – and help you make your employees and clients happy at the same time.


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