Looking for Shared Office Space? Top Tips for Finding the Best One

For small to medium-sized businesses, shared office spaces or co-working spaces can make your business look more professional. Larger businesses can use them to open up satellite branches and expand networks.

Essentially, offices and Toronto rooms for rent allow you to have a dedicated location that will help your employees and co-workers focus better, collaborate easier, and improve work ethic. Working out of a single home, meeting in cafes, or allowing everyone to work from their homes invites disorganization and even worse — procrastination and a lack of motivation. Office space rentals are affordable and effective.

But how does one find the perfect shared offices and Toronto rooms for rent? After all, every individual business has different needs. Below, we’ll outline our top tips for choosing an ideal location for your business to flourish in downtown Toronto.

  1. Start with your physical needs.

Decide how often you’ll need to use the space and who from your team will need to use it. Smaller businesses may prefer a single office where a schedule can be made for individual workers to have alone time in the space — or co-work with others for longer periods.

Depending on the amount of workers who will be utilizing the space and what you plan to do there, you may prefer a large office with window views or a smaller interior office. Generally speaking, multiple office sizes are available.

Alternatively, one individual office may not be ideal for you. Co-working spaces provide lounge seating, dedicated desk areas, writable walls, and/or cubicles. These may be more affordable if you’re just starting out and can help you get organized right away.

  1. Consider when you plan on working.

Some office and conference room rental spaces in Toronto will only allow you to enter the space from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday — or have other similar restricted schedules. For certain businesses, this schedule may be fine.

However, your particular business may desire a more accessible space — especially if you are holding down a day job while also being an entrepreneur on the side. For these individuals, it’s worth looking for one of the few office rental buildings that allow 24/7access.

  1. Think about additional service you may require.

The office space itself is one thing, but you’ll need other amenities in order to effectively run your business as well. For example, for nearly all businesses, Wi-Fi Internet will be a must. Access to scanners and printers may also be useful in office rental packages.

Lastly, depending on your particular line of work, having a writable wall for presentations, planning, and collaboration and/or dedicated desks or team rooms may be crucial too.

  1. Location, Location, Location!

Part of the appeal and benefit of choosing an office rental space is the central location it will provide your business. That is, most legitimate large office rental locations in Toronto are centrally located and have a great address. You may not think this means a great deal to you now, but potential customers, clients, and collaborators do consider your address when it comes to deciding if your company is established, which ultimately will factor in when choosing whether to work with you.

Ideally, you’ll be able to rent your space in an A-class building with a prestigious downtown address. It is important to choose a space that is centrally located and easily accessible to transit. This will benefit not only you, but also all of your coworkers and employees. It will also be beneficial in the event that you plan to hold conferences or meetings at your office. Presenting a professional and high-status address and meeting place with your office and conference room rental puts your business in a good light and can influence your potential success.

  1. Consider how quickly your company is growing.

When searching for office space for rent in Toronto, consider the present, but also think about the future. That is, consider at what rate your company is growing and what space needs you’ll have in the following year.

If you plan to hire three or more new employees in the next year, for instance, you may want to broaden your vision when it comes to choosing a space to rent. Obtain the necessary space now so that you’re fully prepared and don’t have to do a lot of rearranging every time you add a new employee.

If you’re just starting out and either have zero employees or just a few, on the other hand, go with a modest rental to begin with. You can always expand the space you rent in the future as your business expands.

  1. Visit in person to be sure it’s a go.

Lastly, to check the location of the office space you’re considering, visit them in person before and be sure pictures match up with the original listing. You’ll want to ensure that the location is indeed central and will enable you easy access to your work space whenever you need it.

You’ll also want to ensure that you like the size and layout of the actual interior office space. Make sure the furnishings (desks, chairs, cubicle walls, white boards, storage, etc.) meet your needs, and don’t forget to check the other features and amenities that come with your rental space too. For example, you’ll usually have access to bathrooms, printer and scanner areas, kitchen space, and possibly communal conference space.

Remember that in order to choose the best possible office space rental for your business, it’s wise to sit down with your team members and put your needs and wants into writing. From there, choose the space that’s right for you. Consider, size, access options, amenities and features, the growth of your company, location, and anything else pertinent to your unique business.

You can then narrow down your options in order to find the ideal Toronto event space rental for the growth and benefit of your company.

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