Make a Great Impression by Moving Your Operations from the Basement to a “Real Office”

There can be many benefits to running a business out of your home, but there are also a number of downsides that can impact your productivity and income. One of the many complaints that freelancers or small business owners have is that a home office offers too many distractions. Family members, television, or just being at home can reduce productivity.

While you may be all too familiar with home-based business distractions, did you know that running your business out of your home might turn potential clients or customers away from your business? If you’re wanting to increase productivity and your client or customer base, you may want to reconsider the home office and find a physical office away from your home to work out of.

How Can a “Real Office” Improve My Image?

Having an office located outside of the home lends credibility to your business. Potential clients or customers will feel more comfortable working with you if they see that you have a dedicated space in an office building because it signals that your company is stable and professional. This image of stability also makes investors and lending institutions more willing to look favourably upon your company when you’re in need of capital to expand.

Conducting business from a commercial address gives you the ability to impress your brand authority upon your clients. Instead of conducting phone calls with the potential for interruptions from kids, spouses, pets or the home phone, you can have quiet teleconferences from your office. Instead of holding meetings in a coffee shop or café, you can generate a real sense of professionalism by holding meetings in your office.

Isn’t Office Space Expensive?

Traditional office space is usually quite expensive, plus you can get yourself locked into restrictive long-term leases. While larger businesses can absorb the costs of buying or leasing office space, most freelancers, start-ups and small business owners can’t. This is where the virtual office/shared workspace comes in.

These revolutionary arrangements can provide you with a physical address, meeting space, working space, a receptionist to answer your calls and more. All of these aspects will make your small business or freelance operation look more professional in the eyes of customers, clients and other businesses.

Virtual Office Space Is Affordable & Convenient

By utilizing a virtual office with Agile Offices, you won’t have to worry about furnishing your office, hiring receptionists, hiring janitors, hiring IT professionals, paying utility bills and more. Your business will have a prestigious address in Eaton’s Centre in downtown Toronto that will impress your clients and lend a professional air to your business.

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