Meeting Rooms for Creative Brainstorming

Whether you are in the content creation industry or need new ways of handling office procedures, a creative brainstorming session can jumpstart your business. To get the most out of such a session, you need to book the appropriate space. For many Toronto companies, this means making an agile meeting room rental. When you rent a room in Toronto, you get your choice of space and have the opportunity to make sure it meets all your needs. Here are the basics you should have in any creative brainstorming session.

Audiovisual Needs

Even if you plan to do most of your brainstorming on pen and paper, it helps to have a conference room with an audiovisual setup. Ideally, this should include a projector, a screen, and a cable that allows you to connect a laptop. Such features come standard with almost all modern meeting rooms, so finding a room that meets these needs should not be hard. At audiovisual setup allows you to keep people focused on the big picture, either through projected images or a slideshow to introduce the brainstorming focus. In some cases, you might also want to consider meeting rooms that have sound capability so you can play audio or video files if appropriate to your needs.

White Boards

Every conference room should have a white board that comes with the room, whether you intend to use it for brainstorming or not. Whiteboards in meeting rooms allow a large, easy to see location where you can write down topics and post ideas. The conference room you choose should have dry erase markers in the room, but you can also bring your own if you want to have multiple people writing in the same colour at the same time. If you have a large enough conference room, you should also consider whether you can make use of easels and large note pads. Meeting rooms that provide these allow you to break attendees into groups or set up stations that allow the maximum collaboration on ideas.


Small meeting rooms do not need microphones, but large meeting rooms that have many different attendees do. One of the cardinal rules to keep in mind when you rent a room in Toronto is to rent based on your space and personnel needs. This means a small space if you have fewer than 20 attendees, or a large space if you have a group of several dozen. Microphones should tap into the room’s audiovisual equipment and should be fully charged with fresh batteries when you arrive. You should also make sure that you have a tech on site to provide troubleshooting if needed. In a large interactive group, several handheld microphones for questions and comments can keep a brainstorming meeting flowing well.

People who need an agile meeting space in Toronto have many different options from which to choose. By keeping the advice provided here in mind, you can make sure that you get the most out of your creative brainstorming session.

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