Taking the Leap: Moving Your Business from Home Office to the Next Level

You’ve made it! You started a business that’s run out of your home and you’re now at the point where you’re thinking that a basic home office just won’t cut it for you or your business now that you’ve grown considerably.  With that change comes many opportunities for making the wrong decision for where you’re going to take your business operations now that you’ve added elements like staff and more technology. While the standard response might be to lease a space all to yourself, considering a shared office space might not only offer you a proper transition from your home – it may just also double as the perfect permanent solution you need for years of successful operations.

Working with your schedule

That header alone might make you think, “what do you mean schedule? I work all hours of the day!” That’s exactly why a flexible space just may be perfect for you. Most small business owners have schedules that don’t always include office time for admin work. A lot of their time is spent on the road in meetings or visiting with clients. Having a fixed office to yourself is a costly venture – especially when you don’t require that space at all times. Having a shared office rental gives you the flexibility to come and go as you please without dealing with the hassles of operating that space all on your own. This will definitely help cut down on….


Office upkeep can add considerable budget to your ventures.  Digital infrastructure, furniture, even janitorial services – all of these costs add up to create a huge budgetary requirement that would be much easier if shared with a group of other individuals with the same office space needs as you. Shared office space arrangements in Toronto and other cities often include all of the amenities AND utilities on top of all that.  Moving from your home to a shared office space will help transition you in a way that makes additional costs incurred to operate more manageable while also providing everything you’d need to operate as a fully-functioning leaser. Especially when it comes to…

Meeting Rooms

You’ve outgrown the Starbucks or “Closest Timmy’s” meeting in the heart of downtown Toronto. You now want a place that you can present your case to clients and prospects in a more professional setting. A co-working or shared office space at Agile Offices gives you access to a central business location in Toronto that allows you to not only have the workspace you need to operate daily tasks, but also provides you a state-of-the-art meeting room that you can book a time for that’s convenient to you and whoever you’re meeting with. The ability to use graphics just isn’t available to you when meeting at a coffee shop and going to a client’s office may present issues if your technology isn’t compatible with their AV setup – if they even have one at all!

Co-working spaces are just one type of shared office rental but they provide a smooth, easy transition for business owners looking to take their operations to the next level. If all of this sounds familiar to you, contact us today and speak with one of our representatives. We’ll help you make the transition to keep the positive momentum building for your business – and keep you growing at a scale that’s manageable and conducive to further success.

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