Need a Public Face for Your Business? Try a Part Time Office!

Do you need a public face for your business, but doesn’t the cost of renting an office full-time make sense for your organization’s financial situation? A part-time or virtual office is a great way for small business and startups on a tight budget to leverage the amenities and services offered by having a full time office and make sure your business appears as professional as possible to existing or prospective clients.

If you’ve spent a lot of time looking at office spaces but don’t make sense for your needs, both from an operational and financial standpoint, there are more flexible options to suit your needs. Agile Offices’ virtual office options provide startups, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs with the flexibility they need to drive the growth of their business, while leveraging the benefits of having a dedicated office without the cost.

Access to the Amenities Your Business Needs

Our virtual office services provide receptionists that will greet your guests if you’re coming into Agile to use one of our private meeting rooms, access to a kitchen and common areas, support services at preferred rates. Enjoy all the benefits of a private offices, except the space, and use only what you really need.

Agile also offers competitive rates for customers who only need an address. Our prestigious downtown Toronto location lets existing and prospective clients know your business is housed at a renowned business location. You’ll also receive a numbered P.O. Box so you can easily incorporate your business and have mail forwarded to you for little extra cost. We’re also able to offer drop-in time in our private meeting rooms or coworking space in some of our virtual office packages, allowing clients who regularly work from home to meet with clients in a dedicated space as they need to.

Impress Important Potential or Existing Clients

Businesses and entrepreneurs eventually learn that there is more to customer care and client services then simply managing your CRM. Eventually, a client will want some facetime. That means you will need to look professional and that their business means a lot to you. Making sure you look the part is only half the battle: you need a professional-looking meeting space that provides you with the technological tools you need to perform your meeting effectively and impress your clients.

An Affordable Cost Structure

Virtual offices and coworking spaces are hubs of creativity, homes to a community of small businesses, freelancers and solo entrepreneurs that share ideas and create new opportunities. For startups, small businesses and freelancers, these spaces are great opportunities to give your business a professional feel, while networking with other people in similar circumstances who could someday become partners or collaborators.

Fortunately, no matter the size of the organization, Agile is able to offer a competitive cost structure with a variety of affordable and flexible plans, no matter your needs. Reach out today to see how our virtual offices or coworking spaces can help your business grow.

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