Need an office space? Read these 5 tips before you act!

Finding the right office space can be daunting – especially if you are a budding entrepreneur trying to eke the most out of a limited budget. There are tons of questions that people ask themselves, and us, while choosing an office space. Here are our 5 tips on how you can make a smart decision when considering getting a new office space:

1. Define Your Requirements

When on a budget, it is important to define your requirements. Do you need an office to house a team, do you need a space for periodic tasks and meetings, or do you simply want to create a one-off impression? Get a permanent space if you feel that you’ll need a multipurpose space on a daily basis. Get a shared space – quiet or collaborative – if you love working at a desk but don’t necessarily need a permanent office every day. If you are a team of freelancers who only want to meet periodically, all you need is a virtual office and access to meeting rooms. The choices for office spaces are endless – make a smart decision about your office space by defining your space requirements first. The rest will all slot into place.

2. First Impressions Matter

First looks can make or break a relationship. Consider this: a new client is about to walk into your offices to put the final touches to a deal you’ve worked day and night for the past month to close. Would you want to host them in a professional-yet-warm atmosphere, or a run-down warehouse? Remember: the first impressions formed will always define how your company is perceived in the market – for clients and prospective colleagues.

3. Location, Location, Location

Clients and colleagues both love office spaces that are easily accessible. A client is likelier to pay a visit to your office if it is on their way and won’t unnecessarily inconvenience them. A prospective colleague too will find greater motivation to join your team if they face little difficulty in reaching the office space. Location is key.

4. Amenities

There is no use in having an office space in the wilderness. Make sure that your office space has must-have amenities and associated support services. Proximity to food and coffee, efficient Wi-Fi, working elevators, hygienic washrooms and safety controls are all things to check when choosing an office space. Of course, there are intangible amenities such a great view of the city from the office window. If appreciating the city skyline is what gets your creative juices going, go for it!

5. Infrastructure

A critical question to ask yourself when choosing an office space is the infrastructural support you need to efficiently run your office. Do you need a virtual office to take care of your secretarial and communications requirements? Do you need a space to simply have mail delivered to a permanent address? Who will receive the mail? Or do you need an office with high-quality tech tools for presentations and meetings? Return to where you jotted down your office space requirements – you’ll find the answer to your infrastructural requirements there.

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