Need to Rent an Executive Meeting Room? 5 Things to Consider Beforehand

Searching for a fully furnished and equipped executive Toronto meeting space for a conference or business meeting? If you don’t have meeting rooms on-site at your place of work, meeting space rental is the next best thing!

In fact, at the going affordable rates and with the amazing amenities that come with meeting rooms for rent, meeting space rental may actually be a better idea than paying for the long-term ownership and upkeep of your own meeting rooms.

But where are the best Toronto meeting rooms for rent? What should you be looking for? How much should you be willing to spend?

Read on to check out our detailed guide on the matter! By the end, you’ll be able to rent meeting room space in Toronto that meets all your needs!

Considerations to Make When Renting a Meeting Room in Toronto

  1. Furnishings, Style & Ambience

In an ideal meeting room, the ambience and style will be modern, clean, and professional. After all, for most assemblies that take place in meeting rooms, the goal is to impress. The design and layout of the room will go a long way in achieving this.

  1. A Convenient and Central Location

Downtown locations are ideal for meeting rooms. Not only do downtown meeting rooms help you exude a professional air, but they also provide a central location that is easily accessible for most people.

  1. Size Options

If you’ll be meeting with 10 to 20 people, a small, cramped room simply won’t do. On the flip side, if you’ll be meeting with just two or three people, sitting in a large, open space with numerous empty chairs can feel silly. Look for meeting room rental options that allow you to choose the optimal room size for your meeting size.

  1. Amenity Options

Often, you’ll be required to present a PowerPoint or other visuals throughout a business meeting. You may need phone conferencing technology, or you might also require the use of a flip chart or writable wall. Purchasing these things yourself for a one-time use is a waste of money. Search for a meeting room rental location who can provide these amenities for you.

  1. Affordable Prices

Finally, find a rental location with affordable prices. The best meeting room rental options will have several tiers of facilities and services, allowing you to cater your chosen meeting room to fit your budget.

Rent a Meeting Room With Agile Offices in Toronto

With Agile Offices, you can rent a meeting room for an hour, a few hours, a day, or even a week!

Rent only a fully furnished meeting space in your desired size (small, medium, large, or seminar/training size), or rent the space and other amenities such as a projector, smart TV, writable wall, flip chart, courtesy phone, conference speaker phones, and more.

To learn more about finding the perfect meeting space rental for you with Agile Offices, head here.

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