Taking Your Company to New Heights with Shared Work Spaces

Are you in need of a shared office in Toronto for you and your growing team? Leasing office space can be a daunting task for every business owner and it could end up taking months or even sometimes years to find a space that is “the one” for you. Searching for a new office can be stressful and will often times distract you from what really matters – running your business. After searching for months you may realize you have to make many compromises and end up not getting exactly what you want or need based on the available office spaces in your area.

One of the ways you can combat the above issues to explore the option of AgileOffices co-working space in Toronto. This is when a business owner rents a space in a shared office rather than outright buying a property to run their business from. The office will have people from different organizations working within the same space. This allows you to have an office space that is completely tailored to your needs for a fraction of the cost. There are no long term contracts or leases.

Why Consider Shared Offices?

There are numerous advantages to renting shared offices in Toronto, especially for growing business, or startups that are on a budget. Many companies find it too expensive to own an office in Toronto and will resort to moving their office to an undesirable area that is further away from the city. Many companies are starting to realize that renting an office space in Toronto just makes more sense for them.

Businesses should always provide a great work environment in order to draw the best employees that will help grow their business. But finding a great location for your workplace can be complicated. Renting an office space will ensure that your company will not suffer any down time. A shared working space like Agile Offices will already have internet and all of your office equipment set up. A Toronto shared office will take care of all of those annoyances that makes moving so hard.

What You Should Consider

Several factors should be considered when selecting a shared office space, it’s best to start with thinking about your business objectives.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you interested in expanding your business?
  • How often will you meet with potential clients?
  • What kind of environment will be most productive for your team?

Other factors for you to take into consideration


A shared office in Toronto can cut costs for your business dramatically. Take Agile Offices for instance, located in one of the most coveted buildings in Toronto, the Eaton Centre you will save your company thousands by opting for a shared work space.
When looking for a shared work space, go visit the office yourself and make sure it is suitable for you and your team.

Layout + Design

The design and layout of shared working spaces is always a key factor to consider. When choosing a space, it should reflect positively on your company, it should be large enough to accommodate all of your employees with room for growth. The space should also be clean and inviting for employees and guests alike.

Price + Accommodations

Shared offices in Toronto might have everything your growing business needs – but not all shared rental offices in Toronto are created equal in terms of the amenities that are offered. It is important that when you begin your search for a shared office space that you make a checklist of all of the essential accommodations, equipment and space that your company will require.

A shared Toronto office has many advantages that will give you the upper hand when it comes to providing the best possible environment for your employees and clients. If you are considering renting a shared office in Toronto give Agile Offices a call at 1-866-558-7517 and let’s talk about all of the services we can provide you.

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