Office Space Vs Home Office

We all have heard the saying don’t judge a book by its cover, and yet we still judge the book by its cover.  The same principal applies in business. In the business world today, there are few opportunities to win the business and you want to make sure that lack of office space was the determining factor.

Where and how you choose to do business is like your webpage; consider your office space another face or representation of your company.  Be assured your office can influence your client when evaluating whether or not they want to be associated with your company.

Below are a few reasons why having an actual office space is beneficial for your company.

  1. First Impression:  Having a professional office space sends an impressive message to your current and potential clients that you are serious about your business.  The space and location you chose is an indicator of the type of business you operate and having a recognizable address builds trust with your client.
  1. Business Mindset: The act alone of getting up and going to work puts you in the right mindset for work.  The office atmosphere allows you to dedicate a solid number of hours to your work and leave it all there when you go home.   Whereas with a home office, it is easy to wear your pajamas all day and work a few hours at a time or never stop working because it is sitting there staring at you. For any entrepreneur it is essential to keep a healthy work/life balance, you do not want to burn out!
  1. Privacy:  A business address creates a healthy distance between your business and personal life.  Putting your home address on your business cards gives potential clients, new contacts and strangers your personal information.  Do you really want a disgruntled client or a creepy contact to know where you live?  Having an office address will help to separate your personal life from your professional life and keep your safety and privacy under control. You also have the built in buffer with reception, you can always tell them you work by appointment only, if you so desire.
  1. Productivity: As mentioned earlier, it may seem like having a home office is more convenient and cost effective in many ways; but we do not tend to weigh the cost of distractions and loss of productivity in dollars.  At home, you have to constantly set boundaries for your working space, ignore the home phone when it rings, the TV and other essential and non-essential chores.  You go to grab a glass of water and remember that the dishes need to be done. It’s also even more difficult with distractions in the home you can’t ignore such as a crying baby for example.

    In an office environment, when you take a break to grab a glass of water, you may bump into a fellow office mate. Chat about current events and what you are doing in your business. This small act has kept you focused on your business and can energize you for when you return to your desk. It can also help you to generate new ideas to grow your business or its efficiency.

  1. Cost Savings:  When starting your new business there are several expenses that a new entrepreneur has to face.  Buying a printer, paper, ink, a fax machine and so much more.  When renting an office you don’t have to worry about any of the following. The office comes with a furnished desk, reception to take any of your calls and mail and all the other business essentials you need without the fuss of having to set it up or them taking up all the space in your home.
  1. Natural Networking:  Meeting colleagues that share an office space is probably one of the biggest benefits and paybacks to renting your space.  The natural networking opportunities are endless.  Your office colleagues get to know you and your business in a non threatening way, they get to see your commitment, how you handle yourself and are either going to work with you or you will come to mind when a friend or business associate is looking for similar services.
  1. Professional Work Environment:  There is nothing more impressive or pleasing for a client that is recognized or acknowledged when they arrive at your office.  Having the reception greet them and offer them something to drink, before they have even seen you, leaves the right and perfect lasting impression.  Remember, they are already impressed with you and you have yet to see them.  In their minds they can already feel the customer and personal service your company will offer.

Starting a new business is a hard and lonely process; make your entrepreneurial life a little easier by surrounding yourself with like-minded people in an office environment.  If you are not ready to make the full time commitment to an office, rent a space a couple times a week, just to get you out of the house and you yourself will see the difference.

Good luck and happy searching!

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