Offsite Meeting Locations Can Energize Your Staff


There is something to be said for a change of scenery, and it seems as though creativity is sparked when we are taken out of our natural environment. While this is true for executives and CEOs, it is also true for all of the staff who make up your team. Moving a working group away from the workplace can serve to boost morale and stimulate fresh ideas. This is especially the case when new plans to be drawn up or the company is looking to move in a different direction.

Benefits of Moving Offsite with Your Team

  • Networking: Technology demands much of our time, and we sometimes miss the benefits of face-to-face interactions. Getting the team around the table to share ideas and creative options is one advantage of moving your team offsite into a new space.
  • Community: When your meeting is held in a different space than the usual board room, teambuilding exercises can serve to build camaraderie and confidence in fellow staff members. This moves everyone beyond their desk and to-do lists to a new view of their colleagues.
  • Growth: If staff members always sit at the same place, always take lunch at the same time, and always pass by the same co-workers, there is a comfort level created in routine. By moving to an offsite location that routine is broken in a healthy way, sparking new ideas and opportunities of interaction that they would not have previously had the opportunity to take advantage of.
  • Rewards: When employees are given the opportunity to experience offsite meetings through incentives, it encourages them to be more involved in the process. It also reminds workers that they are an important part of the company’s success and that they are appreciated in more ways than simply a paycheck.

Planning a Staff Day Trip in Toronto

There is much to enjoy outside the four walls of the office, and beautiful Toronto has limitless opportunity for exploration and discovery. From the Toronto Islands to Ripley’s Aquarium and a variety of historic sites and museums, there is something for every group to experience together. These excursions can spark conversation, encourage group thinking, and allow employees to interact on a different level.

Finding a Flexible Workspace

If your work team needs a fresh perspective or a place to conduct business before venturing out together, Agile Offices’ Eaton Centre is the perfect solution. For offsite meetings, team building activities, and collaborative gatherings, our open areas and business lounges are designed to meet the unique needs of every type of business. We can accommodate both one-time meetings and those who need regular access. Whatever your requirements may be, a flexible workspace may be just the answer you have been seeking.

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