Part Time Rentals Toronto Loves Them

The traditional office environment is becoming increasingly archaic as businesses look to flexible and remote part time rentals as an option for saving costs, attracting employees and encouraging a healthy work life balance. A Toronto part time rental like Agile part time rental is a great alternative to the traditional long term office rental.

Technology now allows employees to get their job done from almost anywhere. Standard business practices are being swapped out to incorporate new progressive business practices. Companies are also changing the way the rent and purchase office space, moving away from renting traditional office spaces, and are turning to remote or a part time rental space to accommodate their working spaces.

Companies are Switching to Part time Rentals Toronto

A global study of employees and employers found that 30% of companies worldwide have switched to flexible working opportunities. 65% believe that this switch is responsible for increased profits, 85% reported a boost in both morale and productivity. Various studies suggest that employees would prefer flexible working spaces over a pay raise, meaning that more people are interested in a work-life balance and a more desirable.

Remote working is not only providing more freedom, and is also helping companies attract and retain the best talent possible. These types of employees are seeking employment within workplaces that allow for remote working and encourage flexible working hours and environment.

The catalyst to the sudden interest in part time working spaces is primarily technology, this includes the increase of smartphone tech, social media and project management platforms.

Remote Working on the Rise

Remote working has become more predominant, with many businesses allowing employees to work from anywhere they can get a Wi-Fi connection. New research says that one in four workers would relocate or change workplaces if they weren’t allowed to work from home. Remote working is actually within the top three important benefits to working at a new company.

Cloud based technology has drastically changed the way companies and employees do business, allowing for working conditions, hours and locations to change.

What are the benefits for employees and employers when it comes to remote working:

  • Increased productivity: Employees feel that their productivity increases when they work away from the office. They often times work longer hours when they are home because they are so comfortable.
  • Building morale: Those who work from home are generally much happier, and lowers found lower stress levels among remote workers. Additionally, one in five employees say juggling their work and personal lives is the leading cause of stress.
  • Happy employees: Studies have shown that remote working results in happier, healthier and productive workers. Remote working also gives employees a sense of freedom and shows them that they are trusted.
  • Employee retention rate: When you offer your clients a remote work option you will greatly reduce employee turnover as employees.

If you’re looking for a Toronto part time rental, trust the company that has been providing optimal office environments for employees and clients alike. If you have any questions or are considering renting a shared office in Toronto give Agile Offices a call at 1-866-558-7517 and let’s talk about all of the services we can provide you.

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