Save Time and Money When Looking for a Toronto Office Rental

Office space is likely the largest expense a startup company will have to pay. Often times when rent space, places will require that a lease is signed for a term of 3-5. This is not an ideal requirement for new companies and is not a requirement with Agile Offices Toronto an office rental company. Are you looking to grow your company/team and need more space to accommodate this? Start think ahead about what your office space will need. Identify how much you space and how much of a budget you have – planning ahead is a great way to save time and money.

Co-Working Space

Joining a co-working space is almost the same as when you rent office in Toronto, however, you will have to share the space with others. A co working space will not only cost less than a traditional Toronto office rental, but you will be able to work alongside new people who belong to the same working space. The key to co-working spaces is that they foster collaboration. Creating a network of like-minded co-workers can provide you with some new strategies and you can use them to partners to bounce future ideas off of.

Start looking for your office space early

In Toronto office space is snatched up very quickly, which is why we suggest you start looking no later than 5 months before you need to be moved in. Work closely with the company renting their space and make them aware of your anticipated move in date. If you’re not operating on a particular timetable and there is no rush, 1) start thinking about finding office space that will accommodate your team, and 2) be sure that the rental price is something you can afford on a month to month basis. 3) Visit Agile Offices and start browsing their and doing some research. Leasing an office space is a major decision. You don’t want to feel rushed into making one you’ll potentially regret later.

Details, Details, Details

When you are touring a potential office rental in Toronto it is important to show up prepared, have a list of all your needs and wants i.e. how much office space you require, how many desks you need, does the office rental come with equipment? It is a great idea to jot down all of the property details and make sure you have the most accurate, up to date information. For example, what is the price of the rental office, how many square footage the space is and what is the proximity to transit and parking?

A Toronto office rental has so many advantages that will give you the upper hand when it comes to providing the best possible environment for employees and clients. If you are considering renting a working space, shared office, or even a training, give Agile Offices a call at 1-866-558-7517 and we can discuss all of the services we can provide you!

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