Secure Business Email is Your Vital Connection to the World

Email is, quite simply, the most important form of communication in the business world. Its limitless potential to connect people globally by providing a distinct and consistent line of communication has helped catapult business from regional, to national, to global ranks.  Many people, business owners especially, are specifically masters of their own craft and disciplines. Understanding how the email process works, and how easily it can be compromised, isn’t generally part of that knowledge base. Because of this, ensuring your email server is secure is extremely vital. But what does that mean and how is that done? Here are a few ways to make sure your email security is in full force.

1) Train Your Employees

A compromise within a business email server can happen easily if employees are unprepared when possible threats present themselves. Training your employees about “Email Best Practices,” especially when working with freelancers or operating from a virtual office/co-operative space. Training should include instruction about malware, what a “suspect email” looks like, and implementing policies on personal use of corporate email.

2) A Weak Password Can Be a Gateway for Would-Be Cyber Criminals

One vital aspect of securing your business email is implementing stringent password protocol within your organization that includes a variety of factors:

  • 8 Character minimum with strict character requirements (1 letter in CAPS, numbers & a symbol like # ,etc.)
  • Passwords must be changed regularly. A 3 Month Rule for passwords is more than sufficient
  • Install watchdog software that indicates when trouble may be amiss to set off a password change that may be within the previously set time limit

Not all attempts to enter your server will come through a nebulous back-door scenario. Protecting passwords is important as it immediately removes the threat of entering emails through the “front door.”

3) Wi-Fi, if needed, must be 100% secure

While some companies still choose the tried and tested method of only connecting their employees through LAN technology, it’s not always the most practical. Having Wi-Fi is almost a 100% necessity with the smartphone being a primary communication tool when staff members are not at their workstation. An Internet network that is open and unsecured leaves your business open to even rookie hackers. If there’s a threat in the vicinity of your co-working space or virtual office, a person might be able to access the network and, should other workstations be connected and unprotected, additional classified information within the network could be accessed – including data from your phone! Hackers can capture emails received by any recipient in this scenario, which also includes using devices in unsecure hotspots like at Starbucks or Tim Hortons, or picking up their signal at an office near one.

Establishing policies and procedures for emails, as well as employing encryption methods, can make your office email completely secure. Whether working in a flexible office in Toronto or at your own leased space, you can be sure that your communications are only being consumed by the sender and intended recipients. As for your office space, talk with the team at Agile Offices about establishing a virtual office environment for your employees. The process of selecting the ideal combination of services will not take long and the arrangement will pay off in a big way in the years to come.

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