SMB Owners Can Benefit from Flexible Workspaces in Toronto


Small business owners contribute in many ways to the economy, their local community, and the nation as a whole. People who own small businesses have to work tirelessly, running their operations almost entirely with limited time and resources.

Challenges for Small Business Owners

One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is finances. This is especially true upon inception, when an entrepreneur is trying to decide how to invest capital. Many entrepreneurs choose to choose to set up an office in their home as, from the surface, saving an office space expense seems like the easiest way to divert capital elsewhere.

Disadvantages of a Home Office Space

Although it may sound advantageous to work from home, there are some disadvantages that may actually hinder productivity and success. They include:

  • Taking up space that could be used for other purposes
  • Increased utility bills for your home
  • Lack of face-to-face collaboration and work relationships

The convenience of working at home may not be worth the added stress that comes with working in the same space you live. Finding a balance can lead to plenty of issues like when to end the workday, when to break away and be with family, and how to avoid tending to a list of household chores rather than work tasks.

Benefits of a Flexible Workspace

A flexible workspace in its various forms allows small business owners to maintain that sense of community that comes with partnering with like minded and creative individuals. Unplanned interactions can improve performance, boost morale, and allow for a flow of ideas that is not possible in a solo environment.

Another benefit provided by securing a dedicated office area is the appearance it conveys to potential customers and clients. Working out of a flexible space sends a message of professionalism, rather than directing someone to meet you in your own home or constantly using your local coffee shop to meet with potential clients.

Securing a Centralized Location for Your Small Business

If you have been sensing that it’s time to get out of your small, cramped space at home and into a more creative environment, a flexible workspace is the perfect solution. This type of transformative gathering place offers small business owners the opportunity to collaborate in a comfortable and convenient way, while also offering a space that is truly your own.

Toronto’s Agile Offices seeks to serve small business owners by providing office space, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces for your unique need. Book a room by the hour, opt for a private cubicle, or take advantage of spacious business lounges with a relaxed atmosphere. Whatever your business, we have the solution in every type of workspace.

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