The Best Productivity Hacks for Coworking Spaces

For a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur, moving from a home office to a shared office space can help increase productivity. In fact, according to global research by Deskwanted and Deskmag, 74 percent of all workers agreed to be more productive in a coworking space as opposed to working from home. However, when it comes to making money, there’s always a desire to do more. When working from a shared space, there are a few more things to consider to boost productivity even further.

Set a Work Schedule

Shared working spaces create multiple distractions that can make it difficult to stay on task. Create a schedule and a timeframe of when you must complete responsibilities. Write out a daily to-do list and check each item off as you complete them. Having a set schedule of what must be done helps boost productivity and keeps you focused. It also reduces impromptu meetings in the hallway that can result in huge blocks of wasted time.

Use Time Tracking Software

Hold yourself accountable for time on the clock. For most entrepreneurs, if you aren’t working you aren’t making money. Try to make the most of each minute on the clock by tracking your working hours by visualizing your productivity.

Minimize Distractions

Try keeping your office door closed to reduce the need to people watch. If you don’t have a traditional office, try placing your desk so it faces a wall or a corner. Wear noise-canceling headphones and crank up your favorite music to drown out background noises. Take it one step further by creating a work playlist with music that keeps you motivated. One study found that those who work with music tend to complete tasks quicker and come up with better ideas than those who don’t.

Personalize Your Space

Toronto coworking spaces don’t have to be boring. Add personal touches to your workspace to create a visually pleasing environment. Display pictures of family, add plants, books, and even a homemade blanket can make the area warm and inviting and increase productivity. Psychologist Craig Knight found that employees who have at least one personal photograph in their cubicle are 15 percent more productive than those who do not.

Take Frequent Breaks

Take time to get to know those around you. A relaxing stroll through the office and a quick chat with others in the coworking space can help clear your mind and wake you from a fog. Walk to the breakroom for a cup of coffee or step outside and get a breath of fresh air. The Pomodoro Method suggests taking a five-minute break for every 25 minutes of work. Adjust these times to whatever you feel makes you stay focused.

Part-time offices create a wealth of distractions with busy team rooms, hectic boardrooms, and daily traffic. While working spaces save money and provide a physical address for a growing business, it’s important to stay productive. By following a few steps, you can minimize interruptions and get the most out of your workday.

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