The Importance of Support Staff

In every single company, despite its size or the nature of its business, we will always find support staff members; one of the most underappreciated, yet vital role of running a successful business. We decided to dedicate this article to talk a little about the unsung heroes within countless organisations around the world.

Owners of small businesses tend to perform a variety of different functions within their organisations – manning the helm as the chief executive officer, while juggling the responsibilities for a customer relationship manager. In such cases, the top managers need nothing more than a few multifaceted individuals who would perform various important roles as the support staff.

Progressive Culture of Collectivism

There is no doubt that good leadership is vital for developing a positive culture that breeds success. But what exactly makes for effective leadership? The most important thing for the incumbent leadership is to understand the importance of their support staff, which involves necessary inclusion in vital matters of the organisation.

Importance and Value of the Support Staff

In order to understand the true value of a company’s support staff, all we have to do is look towards the receptionist, who is almost always the first and probably the only form of exposure the potential customer has with the company. Yet, if we ask the support staff about the importance of their role in the organisation they work in, they would most likely report their function as a perfunctory routine which holds no real intrinsic value. However, in reality their roles, despite being underappreciated, really creates and shapes the kind of customer experience that could ultimately determine if the customer would come back in the future.

Even if we move on from the external operations of the business, the support staff is literally the backbone of every organisation. All of the day-to-day functions of the business that allow an organisation to function as a well-oiled machine are handled by the support staff. And yet, why is it that their job is nowhere near considered as valued as a salesman’s? It is the support that allows the sales force to function at their optimum.

The entire point is that no matter how we perceive an organisation, all functions serve an equally important function that contributes towards the ultimate goal of the organisation. And, this is particularly why the leadership should make sure that their support staff understand the importance of their job and feels just as proud for the collectively achievements we all work for.

We would love nothing more than to hear about some of your experiences at your workplace and, if you have any opinions on how to promote a culture of collective effort towards collective achievements, we would love to hear them. Feel free to post your thoughts and views in the comments section below. Have a fantastic and productive day!

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