The Modern Office Dilemma

The dynamics of the workplace are constantly evolving. This is partially due to the changing nature of businesses and the constantly evolving consumer behaviors, alongside quantum leaps in technology. However, there is another major reason why business owners are constantly confused about what changes they should or should not introduce to their workplace.

This reason is the constant evolution of the workforce. Older employees may judge their younger peers for being non-cooperative and entitled but the harsh reality is that they are the future. The requirements of both of these types of workforces are in relative conflict. This leaves business owners confused as to what changes they should or should not introduce to their workplace.

For example, a new technology employed at the workplace may be wholly supported by the younger workforce which is tech savvy, but older employees may consider it to be confusing and too much of a hassle. It has been estimated that within a decade, millennials will form a major chunk of the workforce, which indicates that the younger workforce is growing at an exponential rate.

In such confusing times, it seems reasonable for business owners to be open to change, while at the same time, keeping the requirements of the older workforce in mind. If introducing new technology at the workplace has advantages but might vex the older workforce, perhaps holding an introductory session where the benefits of the technology and how it works are explained might be a good idea. This will help prevent worker alienation and promote efficiency in the future as well.

There is no right answer to every practical conundrum that this dilemma creates in general. However, there is a right approach towards it. The right approach is to always keep one eye on the future while holding hands with the past.

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