Toronto Training Rooms: How to Utilize your Time

Toronto training room rentals are the perfect space for your upcoming team meeting, workshop, or seminar. Our breakout rooms even allow you to split into focus groups or offer more personalized instruction to small groups.

How to make Toronto training rooms / meeting room a memorable one by booking an offsite room with a company like Agile offices.

All of your guest speakers are booked, food and drink have been ordered, and your presentation is perfected, ready to go. But how do you keep your attendees motivated and interested so they can digest the information that is being presented?

We have complied some tips that will help keep your training room session informative and interesting:

 Stay on Topic

Make sure your attendees know the topic that will be discussed right at the beginning by providing an outline.  Split up your topics into categories and provide a schedule, this will allow everyone can follow along. Be sure that each section has a time limit, and stay on track. Make sure you allot a specific about of time at the end for questions.

Take a Break

You’ll want to get as much information out to your trainees in a consolidated time frame, it is important to keep them engaged and hold their attention. If you notice that you seem to be losing the group or they appear to not be paying attention, let them stand up stretch their legs and take a small break in order to regain focus.  It’s important to not that many Toronto training rooms offer packages where you can purchase food and refreshments for your breaks.

Get Your Attendees Involved

Studies show that there is a multitude of different ways that people absorb information and learn. Hands on training is said to be one of the more effective ways to convey your information. By offering your class a live demonstrating of methods and techniques and then having the trainees practice them, helps them fully absorb what they have learned, making the lesson easier to remember. Involve your attendees as much as you possibly can and encourage questions. 

Share experiences

An experience shared is an experience gained. Many of your trainees are likely seasoned personnel who can give great feedback and share anecdotes and experiences that can benefit everyone, you included. Utilize their knowledge when preparing your topics and involve them in the process during your training room meeting.
Be Social

One of the best ways to enhance your trainees experience is to make sure they are fed and they have plenty of breaks. Help attendees who may not know each other, get to know each other by providing name tags, introducing. You can also take advantage of socializing and bonding after your training session with some appies and beverages in the hotel lounge or bar. Booking meeting rooms for rent in a hotel can also lead to room discounts, which is good way to ensure no one has to drive home afterwards.

Looking for meeting rooms Toronto can rely on for all your company get togethers, meetings, training and training sessions? If you have any questions or are considering renting a shared office in Toronto give Agile Offices a call at: 1-866-558-7517 and let’s talk about all of the services we can provide you.

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