Virtual Mailbox: Why You Will Love Them

Many people have heard the term virtual meeting rooms or a virtual mailbox in Toronto – but rarely understand what one is. Simply put, a virtual mailbox is a service that provides you with a physical mailing address (in this case Toronto), without actually owning, living or renting at that address. This means, Agile Offices will provide a virtual mailbox in Toronto that comes with all of the benefits a prime downtown Toronto business presence does. The upside? A virtual office costs nowhere near the amount that owning office space in Toronto would normally cost.

Why Do Travelers Love a Virtual Mailbox Service?

If you’re traveling abroad, work does not stop just because you are vacationing, especially for entrepreneurs!  When you have a virtual office, you have a home base, a place that will collect all of your mail, packages and telephone messages for when you return.

Enjoy a Virtual Office in Toronto without the High Costs

Even if you’re not vacationing abroad, but instead you just started running your own company and need to project the professional appearance of having a physical office – that is almost impossible to do in a city like Toronto. With soaring office space costs in, having a prestigious address via a virtual mailbox will be extremely impressive to clients.

Having a virtual office comes with other benefits, such as dedicated phone numbers answered by a receptionist and access to meeting rooms. With a virtual office you can enjoy hourly, daily or monthly access to a furnished office space that is Wi-Fi connected. Agile Offices also provides for private offices and conference rooms that are all equipped with the tech equipment and tools you require. Having a virtual office also means having access to virtual meeting rooms.

All of these services are provided to Agile Offices clients at a fraction of the price that having a physical office would cost, allowing them to spend their money on developing their business.

With a Virtual Office Say Goodbye to Your Commute

Have you ever sat down and thought about all of the time you spend sitting in traffic? Imagine what you could do with all of that new found time. You can work from home but meet clients in our boardrooms when it is convenient for you! Having a virtual office means that you can work when and from where you want.

Let Agile Offices provide you with an exclusive address, at a coveted Toronto landmark (The Toronto Eaton Center), which is located downtown Toronto, in the heart of the city! With an address like this an individual, startup, or company is sure to impress! Agile Offices provides access to private meeting rooms, boardrooms, and clerical support. A virtual office is the solution you need to help you free up the time and budget you need for your growing business. Contact us today and let’s discuss how a virtual office can change your business for the best 1-866-558-7517.

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